10 Best Phone Accessories for Father’s Day

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Your dad might not be the most tech savvy guy in the world but he loves his smartphones and the wonders that come with it. He loves that he can surprise you with a Hello when you least expect it. He can also beat away the boredom by reading a favourite book on it. When it comes to gifting your dad with phone accessories, it is all about getting more functionality from it. There are many phone accessories that you could surprise him with on this Father’s day.

1.Loaded SD Card

You know all the songs he loved from when you were growing up. You also know his favourite reading list. Compile a favourite playlist and reading list on a SD card and give it to him.  This is perfect plug n’ play. He will also appreciate that you took the time to compile something useful and close to his heart.


He might not like loud noises but he will appreciate the clear crisp music coming out of good quality headphones. Get him a pair that is not too showy and in neutral colors.

3.Ear buds

Just in case he does not like the headphones, a pair of discreet ear buds will be perfect. Easy to carry in the pocket.

4.Cord holder

The different cords can be a bit bothersome to carry out around. Get him a cord holder.

5.Bluetooth speaker

If he still does not like the ear buds, this small speaker is a perfect companion when sitting on the porch.

6.Photo printer

This is not your usual desktop thingy. It is a small portable printer that attaches to your phone. Handy if your dad prefers the old feel of paper photos.

7.Power bank

This is a must have for a traveller. If your dad is out and about enjoying seeing the world most of the times, this is an appropriate gift. No running out of  battery power when on the road.


If your dad usually forgets where he placed his phone, a corded key chain will keep the phone attached to him.

9.Cell phone stand

This is perfect for keeping his phone where he can always see it.

10.Themed phone case

Gift your dad a customized phone case with a special message. Better yet if it has added functionality like being waterproof, and shockproof to protect his precious phone.

These accessories will make your dad’s experience more interesting and are a perfect way of saying thank you to a special person in your life.