10 Chic Accessories for Your iPhone

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Admit it, Apple products are fun to accessorize, not because they have an expensive price tag to it but because every accessory used to it are surprisingly chic and classy. If you’re a chic person you would love your iPhone to look stylish, fashionable and classy. Consider the following list of Chic Accessories that you can get for your iPhone.

1. The Case that can turn your phone to Polaroid – for the price of $150 you can have this from print.co

2. Chic Cases – They say that you can see a personality of a person based on how he/she accessorize his/her stuff, there are a lot of chic cases that you can get from shops, you can also choose from a variety of choices and colours, It’s up to you on how would you accessorize your iPhone using cases.

3. Chic buds – An ear buds for a chic like you, It comes with different designs and colors. Ear buds are essential for music lovers who wants to bring their music on the go and at the same time to look chic.

4. Power bank – You can charge up your phone while being chic, there are power banks on the market that offer different designs and colors.

5. iPhone Flip cover case – Protect your front and back part of your iPhone using a flip cover case.

6. Finger ring for iPhone – It can prevent your phone from falling or dropping since it will be secured in your fingers.

7. Pink watch Bands – Perfect for those who wants to integrate their fitness tracking to IOS

8. Colored Tempered Glass – Perfect if you would want a new look for your iPhone.
9. Dust Plug for your Headphone Jack

10. Fashionable Home button stickers – Bling is the new thing.
Accessorize your phone based on your personality. Be fashionable, be classy, be elegant, be stylish, and be you.