10 Phone Accessories You Probably Don’t Know Are Often On Sale

With smartphones becoming ubiquitous and online wholesale cell phone accessories stores gradually becoming the go-to sites, buying phone accessories has never been this easy. That is why we often have a hard time looking for the items with love to be on sale. Forget about getting the quintessential items – Apple or Samsung cases, HDMI cables, chargers and a lot others. This whole industry is devoted to helping tech-savvy individuals accessorize their gadgets in an extraordinarily fun and creative or utterly bizarre way.

If you are looking to give your smartphone or laptop a facelift and you are wondering which accessories to choose, look no more.

Check out the following selections, sold at insane prices on HLC Wholesale, New York.


1. Tempered glass screen protectors

Never choose a Plastic screen protector again, even when it costs a dollar. Tempered glass screen protectors have been universally praised as heavy-duty, most durable and thus cost-effective choices. But if you are worried about their costs, there are premier ones available for as high as $10 at HLC Wholesale.


2. Smartphone covers

Does that phone casing look old and its aesthetic value long gone, and you are worried it might not protect your pricey device from breaking or screen cracks? Don’t buy a tougher, bulkier alternative or the colorful and commonplace covers yet there’s a classier alternative that will be soft to touch and transparent enough to reveal that exquisite Apple logo.


3. Selfie sticks

Don’t just buy an ordinary version of this handy phone accessory online without considering whether it’s of the right quality. For Instagram-worthy photo and videos, you definitely require a compact, durable, Bluetooth-enabled and budget-friendly choice is the way to go. Luckily, there’s a lot of gorgeous choices for you.


4. USB chargers

Getting genuine multi-port USB chargers, travel chargers and travel 2-in-1 chargers shouldn’t be a long, expensive and complicated adventure. You will not get a single USB charger of poor quality shopping online with HLC Wholesale. Check them out.


5. Custom-made home button stickers

To give your smartphone a vintage floral flare or the magnificence inspired by what you love the most, do opt for a home button sticker. There are a lot of cool and stylish of them, all to personalize the home button of your phone.


6. Say NO to laptop backpacks

If you can get a smaller, more convenient laptop briefcase or better yet, a simple, classic laptop envelop with a leather sleeve, that would accommodate your precious laptop, there will be no reason to carry with you the heavy, bulky laptop bag anymore.


7. Touch pens

You shouldn’t blindly buy a touch pen, even when you need it for a sole purpose of navigating on the touchscreen of your phone or tablet. A modern choice with a soft touch tip for precise navigation on capacitive screens and excellent enough to write like an ordinary pen is worth buying, especially when matters around durability, sensitivity, and weight are okay.


8. Universal earphones

They are the most preferred types of earphone and rightly so given the innovation behind their construction. For universal earphones for iPhone and Samsung devices, particularly those known for excellent sound quality, built-in mic and other top-dollar features, look no further.


9. Phone holders

Universal phone ring stand holders sold online are the best for you if you’ve lost or damaged your previous phone by accidentally dropping it. With a convenient safety ring for a perfect grip when you are taking pictures or using the phone, dropping your device will never happen again. Check them out.


10. Mobile phone repairs kit

Whether it is a soldering iron, a solder wire or a set of versatile screwdrivers, get those of the best quality, affordably online.