10 Ways To Increase Holiday Sales with Phone Accessories

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Holiday season is just around the corner. People are already listing their holiday gifts and offerings to friends and families. Many are starting to window shop and even shopping as early as today for these gifts to avoid the holiday rush.

Physical stores and online stores are stocking up items for the holiday shoppers. The demands for supplies from consumers are very high. With the stiff competition, one should have a variety range of products to offer. And one of the most sought after gifts is phone accessories. Why not find ways to increase your sales and make your holiday season a profitable one?

Here are 10 ways to boost your holiday sales and earn profits.

1. Ample amount of stocks on hand – Before stocking up on your products, you have to identify which items are salable and which are not as per your sales of the previous year. Load up on the items that you think will sell more this year.

2. Stock up on the “hot items” – You have to be aware of what your consumers need and what they want. Remember, needs and wants are two different things. In every season of the year, there is always that “hot items” that is in demand for the market.

3. Know your market / customers – Before you can even start loading up your stock room for your holiday products, you have to first identify your target market. This is very important especially the location of your store. Know your traffic patterns, shoppers’ data (customers’ age and gender), and holiday shopping history. If you have an online store, do the same by gathering the previous year’s shoppers’ data.

4. Start your holiday campaign early – Yes, you heard it right. You have to start your holiday drive as early as possible so your market will know that you are already loaded with lovely phone accessories and ready for the holiday shopping.

5. Product display and arrangement – Make a festive holiday feel of your store. This will entice customers to come in and buy your products. Arrange by categories like, phone casing (by brand names and model), batteries, power banks, earphones, Bluetooth speakers, selfie sticks, ring grips or phone holders, etc. that is easily accessible to the consumers and add up some holiday spice in your display.

6. Give freebies – It’s holiday season and people love freebies. In order to entice repeat order from your customers, you have to give them some freebies to make them feel special. Maybe a phone bought will entitle the customer for a free screen protector. You just have to be creative and competitive so that patrons will keep coming back to your store if they need more accessories for their phone.

7. Suggestive Selling / Cross-selling – If a customer comes into your store and is looking for say, a phone, don’t just end there and give the final purchase. After the customer finds that perfect phone, do a suggestive selling and recommend items that are compatible with the phone. This is one way to increase your holiday sales.

8. Create flyers / brochures– Marketing materials are very important in a business.
Flyers and brochures is a good boost for your holiday campaign. Create a captivating flyer design with all accessories for the holiday season and the promo in store for the buyers.

9. Product knowledge  -This is really important to know the products you are selling. You should know each and every product to the smallest details because you don’t want to answer a very simple question from a buyer by saying, “I am not sure what this is for” or “I don’t know how to make this work” because these statements will discourage your potential buyer.

10. Friendly staff -The attitude of your staff can make or break a deal. If you have a friendly staff that knows how to treat a customer right, then your business is on the right track. But, if your front liners are rude and can’t even give your patrons a friendly smile, your sale is at the risk of profit loss. So, be friendly because your customers are the lifeblood of your business.