12 Phone Accessories Business Startup Checklist

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So you want to start a phone accessories business — kudos! If well-executed, this type of
business is quite fun and comes with remarkably high ROI. However, there’s more to this niche
that buying top-notch phone accessories on wholesale; there are a ton of other moving gears and
things to consider before you get the business off the ground.
Consider the following 12-point checklist to make your startup process effortlessly easy and set
yourself up for success from Day 1.

1. Create a Business Plan

A business plan is what you can visit and revisit when you need to revamp your business. More
than that, it can come in especially useful if you’re looking to take out a small business loan to
get your store started on the right foot.

2. Do your Homework

Market research is an indispensable part of the planning stage. It’ll help you zero in on the
perfect spot to nestle your store, best e-commerce platform to choose, and what phone
accessories wholesale supplier to partner with.

3. What’s Your Money Situation?

Most business startups take lots of time before getting off the ground because of miscalculating
finances. After buying phone accessories on wholesale, do you have enough money to live off of
before the business turns a profit?

4. Choose the Best Business Name

There’s something of beauty about choosing a picture-perfect business name. Don’t be afraid to
ask for input from your family, friends, and partners.

5. Pick a Catchy Domain Name

The URL name of your website is as crucial as the name of your business

6. Figure out the Legal framework for your business

Get the help of a reputable attorney or accountant to help you incorporate your business.

7. Figure Out Taxation Compliance

If you haven’t gotten one, apply for an EIN for your business.

8. Apply for a Business License

This goes for both local and state licenses.

9. Setup your Website

A great website should be eye-catching, easy to navigate, and intuitive. Invest a few bucks in
hiring a top-notch web designer who’ll do a bang-up job.

10. Rent a Space for your Store

By now, you should have zeroed in on the perfect spot for your store. Be it a mall or along the
highway, you need to rent it early enough. Make sure it’s in an area with heavy customer traffic.

11. Find your wholesale partner

Do a bit of homework to find the best phone accessories wholesale store, online or offline. Don’t
forget to get a handle on things like shipping, inventory, and employee management.

12. Shop for Items

This is where you need to bring your A-game to get top-selling phone accessories on wholesale.
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