15 Common Mistakes About Charging Your Mobile Phone

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One of the most important part of your phone and not just any phone accessory is your battery. And if you want your battery to last longer, here are 15 common mistakes about charging your mobile phone that you should avoid:

1. Plugging in at full charge

If your battery has been 100 % charged, unplug it instead of leaving it in. Continuing to charge it
even (especially at night) when full will affect its performance.

2. Leaving your phone case on

Don’t charge your phone while the phone case is still on. Phone cases trap heat while charging
that could cause overheating.

3. Not topping up the battery

Top up your battery charge when it is at least at 45%. Always keep an eye out to prevent your
battery charge from completely running out.

4. Always targeting for 100%

If you constantly maintain 100% charge at all times, you may be at fault for reducing your
battery life. Your phone will remain functional between 80 and 30 percent so you do not have to
worry about it going off all the time.

5. Charging with the wrong charger

Stick to the brand and type of charger that came with the phone as batteries typically come with
pre-set charging circuits that control the speed required for your phone.

6. The wrong battery type

Nickel-cadmium batteries often have lower battery lives because they were designed for older
models. They tend to lose charge even when they are not being used.

7. Placing it on a hot surface

Placing your phone on a hot surface while it is charging can stress it out because of the rise in
temperature. Therefore, ensure that you charge your phone on a cool surface.

8. Using it while charging

It is dangerous to use your phone while charging especially when using the wrong charger.
Dangerous accidents such as explosions have been reported.

9. Keeping it on always

Turn your phone off every now and then to preserve it and your battery life for longer.

10. Opt for a power bank instead

Unless you can completely avoid it, try not to rely on power banks and other wireless chargers as
they can overheat your phone.

11. Charging it in long cycles

Rather than leave your phone on all night, consider charging it in short bursts to prevent it from
wearing out.

12. Keep your old phone safely

Maintaining your old phone and the charger can prevent you from panicking every time it goes

13. Forcing a charger in

It goes without saying that if your force your charger to fit, it may bring issues to the charging
system, therefore causing it to fail.

14. Charging in cold temperatures

Like hot temperatures, charging your phone on a really cold surface such as on top of a fridge
can also damage it.

15. Buying a second-hand charger

Always replace your original charger instead of settling for cheaper off-brand alternatives that
will more likely spoil your phone altogether.