15 Must-Know Facts about Bluetooth Headphones

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Bluetooth headphones today have become a necessity because of the increasing number of applications. Here are 15 must-know facts about Bluetooth headphones:


Technology is standard

Bluetooth headphone designs may look different but the technology used is the same. This is because Bluetooth devices must pair easily with others so the technology that is used for production is standard worldwide.

Named after a Viking

Bluetooth acquired its name from Harald “Blåtand” who is responsible for uniting clashing Viking tribes and welcoming them to the Kingdom of Denmark.

A master-slave relationship

The main device, which transmits the Bluetooth signal, is typically known as a master and the connecting ones, which receive information from the main, are referred to as slaves.

Sometimes more effective than Wi-Fi.

Although both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are both wireless technologies, Bluetooth tends to be more effective as a result of limited interference between connected devices.

Important for the Internet of Things

Because smart technology needs to be connected, Bluetooth is essential to the entire set up. Most of your smart devices would not be able to function without Bluetooth technology.

Versions keep improving

Since its invention in 1994, Bluetooth technology has continued to improve thanks to new versions. So far, Bluetooth 5 is the world’s latest version.

Wireless is the way to go

Most people prefer investing in wireless Bluetooth headphones over wired ones because of the quality and ease of use. Wireless headphones today have a reputation for excellent sound quality and extended battery life.

Bluetooth headphones do not have transmitters

Unlike infra-red and radio frequency headphones, Bluetooth headphones do not need a transmitter. As a result, they are typically more effective and are a crowd favorite.

The range has increased over time

As technology has continued to become more and more advanced, so have Bluetooth devices. Earlier, Bluetooth headphones used to be large in size, but as the version has improved, the size has reduced gradually over the years.

Different fit types

Based on the design that you pick, Bluetooth headphones come in different fit types and sizes such as over-ear headphones, fitness headphones, On-ear headphones, and earbud headphones.

Smart headphones are different

Bluetooth headphones for the smartphone come with an inline MIC to enable you to talk without interruptions from ambient noise.

Some come with remotes

For example, Apple wired headphones are embedded with button controls that enable hands-free actions such as Siri Activation and Call Answer.

Battery life

A quality Bluetooth headphone set should support at least 6 to 9 hours of talk time.

Water and sweat resistant

Most Bluetooth headphones sold today are resistant to water and sweat so that they do not damage easily.

Many designs for different price points

Depending on what you are looking for, there is a Bluetooth headphone for every budget and preference.


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