2019 Fashion Trend for Phone Accessories

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Whether you are the “business outgoing” type or you just like casual traveling, carrying the right essential gadgets with you can help you stay comfortable and look good while you are at it. As you are thinking about how you can use your smartphone to the fullest, we urge you to find the best smart phone accessories to match your style. However, with so many items to choose from, picking out the most important ones can be tricky. You can end up spending a lot of hours just packing your things. That’s why we came up with this list of accessories that will complement your device and make you look good at it.

1. Auxiliary-Charger  Spitter Adapter: Phone Accessories

No headphone jack on your phone? Worry out that’s not a problem that can’t be fixed with a solid adapter. Apple caused quite a stir when it dropped the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. And since people love their headphones, they can’t charge and listen to music on the go. That’s where the  Auxiliary-Charger  Spitter Adapter comes in.

Boost Headphone Adapter Splitter Compatible is a barrel-shaped adapter extending almost half an inch from the bottom of your iPhone, giving you a 3.5mm port on the other side for your headphones and a lightning port on one side for charging. Once plugged into your iPhone, you can connect Lightning headphones on one side and a Lightning charging cable on the other—the ports are even labeled so you can tell them apart.

2. Wireless Charging Power Bank: Phone Accessories

credit to samsung click

There is a variety of Portable Power Banks and Wireless Chargers online. Both of which offer a full charge for your smartphone, and you can quickly get the one you want at Amazon. But what if I tell you can get a wireless charger that comes with built-in batteries? Yes, it is called wireless charging power bank or portable wireless charger power bank.

Enjoy the liberty of charging and never seeing “Low Battery” on your phone again. No more fear if you forget to carry a charging cable with the Energizer QE10000. Lay your smartphone down on the power bank and enjoy Quick Charge 3.0 technology wireless charging. Come one, come all, the USB-C PD 2.0 – USB-C PD 2.0 input/output port provides fast charging for any device you have.

3. Smartphone Stabilizer: Phone Accessories

credit to amazon

Don’t you yearn for better quality videos all around, when you’re hiking, on the move biking, surfing, running up the Machu Picchu or chasing after your kid as he learns to ride a bike? It’s quite tricky to get a stable shot when you’re in motion. Here is where the smartphone stabilizer (or gimbal) enters the frame.

An affordable stabilizer/ gimbal can make a huge difference. That’s why we suggest the Hohem Smartphone Gimbal, which supports all phone models. Including one or more of these simple, lightweight devices to your kit, you are taking the first step to create professional-level cinematography.

4. Wireless Earbuds: Phone Accessories

credit to Target

Wireless headphones have become a thing and are everywhere. And though Airpods are the go-to, you certainly don’t need them. The FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud do the job exceptionally well, helping cutting the noise out and they last through just about any sweat or sport you throw at them.

5. Bluetooth Speaker

credit to Logitech

Even though every smartphone packs a speaker as default, some of them live up to the quality, and some of them don’t.  In this manner, it’s always better to get a portable Bluetooth speaker that you can carry around with ease to your various escapades. Like this Ultimate Ears, UE ROLL from Logitech is a great Bluetooth speaker which supports 360-degree sound with bass, IPX8 rating for water & dust resistance, and up to 15-hour battery life. And also without forgetting that it’s comfy and stylish with a statement of its own.

6. Malleable Wrist-Worn Devices : Phone Accessories

The Galaxy watch and the IWatch might have influenced the innovative design of the Limbo Transformable Smartphone. Bragging all of the abilities of a forefront mobile phone, this clever gadget can be favorably worn on one’s wrist.

Jeabyun Yeon-the designer came up with a concept based on the use of flexible materials, enabling the device to remain flat and rectangular while it’s being used on its own, but allowing it to bend easily in two places so that it can be fixed to a thick wristband.

The Limbo Transformable Smartphone was hatched up with a generous touchscreen surface, a home button, volume buttons and a touch-sensitive menu at the bottom that can be accessed when the cellphone is mounted on its cuff.

7. DIY Aztec Phone Cases

credit to Leegoal

What you need is a matte-white iPhone case or the same for a BlackBerry or whatever device, which you can use as your canvas. Once you have this, you can let your imagination run wild! It is advised to coat the finished product with a clear varnish (like nail varnish) to ensure your design won’t smudge. Why this is trendy in 2019, you may ask? Well its because its about time everyone has the chance to be unique and let that imagination flow

8. Flashy Phone Accessories: Phone Accessories

credit to Concepter

The iblazr is an LED flash that plugs into your phone’s audio jack, designed to enhance the quality of pictures taken in the dark. It consists of four LED lights and the designer claim that the light it provides is four times greater than the flash on an iPhone 5, with a video flash eight times greater than the light produced by the iPhone 5.