3 Reasons Why You Need To Update Your Mobile Phones

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Getting notification to update your mobile phones can be a bit annoying sometimes. The tendency is we set it aside and instead do it later.

We constantly tell ourselves that our phones are working just fine, and why is there a need to even update it in the first place.

What are the updates for? And why does it have to be updated?

These are just some of the questions we keep asking ourselves.

So now you have to get on with it and connect your phones to a Wi-Fi and download the never-ending updates of latest releases from Apple.

Well, as irritating as they are, the software updates are not improved for no reason. Here are five reasons why you need to update your Phones.


1. Security

This is the most important and most critical reason to update your phones. Despite, the stringent security protection – some geniuses are made for evil. Flaws in the system are easily identified by black hat hackers. These hackers are out there waiting to maliciously sneak in your phones whenever or however they can.

2. Bug Fixes

Despite, lack of app features of software updates, apart from the security improvements. The fact is that it also comes with bug fixes. Squashing the bugs of your phone is like killing the bad cells in your body through proper exercise and diet while achieving a good health.

Fixing these bugs is maintaining the health of your phones, as a result, your phones can be used efficiently as they are expected to.

3. Better Functionality

Not only do bug fixes impact the functionality of your phone. The software updates most often than not come with a new feature or improved mobile applications. That being said, if for example, your calendar before the update can only schedule activities, after the update it may have more features like email reminders, pop-ups and others which in the end is put in place to make it more convenient and easy for us.