3 types of chargers essential to everyone who has a phone

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Phone chargers are essential for people so that they can charge their phones wherever they go. It’s very frustrating when you want to call friends, business colleagues and the cell phone battery gets discharged. To eliminate the problem, one should buy the cell phone charges that will also provide peace of mind to the prospective customers. There are mainly three types of phone chargers and they are as follows:

Car charger:

  • Portable USB chargers are very popular because they can easily charge multiple phones without any problem.
  • It is compatible with all kinds of phones ranging from the Apple to Android.
  • With a 12 W and more output. It is possible to quickly charge the device in an impeccable manner.
  • One of the most important features of the car charger is its compactness that allows people to take it from one place to another. Some char chargers have two USB ports; therefore you can use multiple devices without any hassles.
  • Another vital attribute is the folding blade which helps the users to keep the device in a safe place when it is not in use.

Home charger:

  • Charging dock available for the phone provides friction less charging to the users using one handed insertion and removal.
  • Due to the vertical design of the charger, you can easily use the phone while it is being charged.
  • The dock has the versatile capability to be plugged in to the USB adapter for charging.
  • Battery desktop chargers are also available which go a long way in helping people stay connected with their friends and family members using cell phone.
  • Moreover, LED charging indicator is provided to check the level of charging. There are some devices that help you to charge the batteries from the wall outlet while you can charge the cell phone with USB charger.
  • Due to the presence of multi protection circuits, overheating and over charging can be prevented.

 Portable power bank:

  • It is a wonderful gadget that provides similar level of power to the users as the main chargers while they are away from home and travelling.
  • Power banks are light and can be slipped into the pocket easily. Therefore, you can use them anywhere you like.
  • While buying the power banks, one should keep in mind that full power is not delivered because some of it is lost in the heat generation process.
  • If the input rating of the power back charger is high, it will take far less time to charge a cell phone.