4 Quick Tips To Set Up Your Mobile Voicemail

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For any business, every customer lead counts. That is why it pays to set up a voicemail account to listen to different missed calls. Many smartphone owners do not set up mobile voicemail because they keep the phone nearby at all times. But for a business, where a phone is shared by several people, it is important to have a voicemail to capture calls that may come in when there is no handling the phone. Setting up mobile voice mail is much easier than it was before with the landlines. What tips can a business use in setting up mobile voicemail?

Have a professional greeting

For a business, it would be disastrous to have a casual greeting like, ‘Hi! This is Joe’s office, leave a message. Potential customers want to hear a professional voice on the other end of the line, someone they can trust to handle their issue quickly and efficiently.

A good example of a professional voice would be, ‘You have reached the customer service at XYZ Company. Our office is currently closed but we would like to return your call later. If you would like us to return your call, please leave a message after the tone. Thank you for calling.’

Elements of a professional greeting

There are different ways to craft a voicemail greeting. However, a greeting should have some basic elements:

  • A greeting (Hello, Hi)
  • Name of the person or office
  • A statement explaining that the phone cannot be answered immediately
  • A promise to call back
  • An invitation to leave a message
  • The message should be between 20-25 seconds
Have different types of greetings

Calls will be placed at different times of the day. It would be unwise to have a greeting that says ‘We are out of office,’ at 10 a.m. This needs a different type of greeting that would explain the phone is busy. A business can set up three types of greetings:

  • ‘Busy’ greeting to handle customers calling while the phone is busy
  • An external greeting that will be done when there is no one in the office
  • An internal greeting for calls placed within the organization
Keep it simple

It is irritating for callers to be held up while a promo plays. The voicemail should be kept simple without unnecessary marketing messages or music.

Do it in several languages

If a business handles customers of different ethnic backgrounds, it would be advisable to have voicemail greetings in different languages to reach customers that do not understand the primary language.