5 Awesome Holiday Card Maker App for Android and iOS Phones

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The thought of getting a card on your Android or iOS phones make your cold days warm. And because the smell of snowflakes and holiday feels is just around the corner we have searched the app stores to find you 5 of the most awesome holiday card maker apps.


Red Stamp Cards

If you’re into the modern snail fresh greeting card. Red stamp app is just about the right ecard maker for your Android and iOS phones. Their handful collections of bright and quirky ideas are what every young and the young at heart needs this holiday season.


justWink Greeting Cards

Who can say no to this yada yada cool app greeting card maker? The design is made for the jolly, cool cartoon stuff makes it perfect for the holidays to celebrate with friends and family. You might as well check out your Android or iOS phones app store, for this cool app.


Ink Cards

You need to check this app out on your Android and iOS phones. There are super cool stuff designed to make your holidays worth double the celebration. Create and send ecards straight from your mobile phones with embossed envelope. Just Wow!



Are you up for sending a wacky digital card from your Android and iOS phones? Now you can be funny and cool, with LiveGreetings app.  You can even add your voice or talk and even sing. That would really be a lot of fun.



Getting enough cool stuff yet? Wait for this awesome postcard maker. Using your iPhones or Android mobile photos and turning them into postcard will make it more personal for the lucky recipient. If I ever receive one from my bestfriend I’m surely going to end up in tears.