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5 Basic Rules Of Caring For Your Phone

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We know how important our phones are and with the fast-paced and advanced technology, we have moved from one phone model to the next.

Learn some of the things on how you can take care of your phone without having to spend much time going to the repair shop.

1.  Place it in a separate phone case.

Placing your phone inside your bag without a case may not be a good idea. Car and house keys, pens or any sharp object may leave a scratch on the surface of your phone. It’s not really uncommon but we tend to forget this basic rule.


2. Use a lint-free electronic wipe to clean it.

Use a clean lint-free cloth to wipe around the mic, speaker and camera of your phone. Regularly cleaning your phone maintains its brand new look but remember to use only the right cloth.


3. Keep away from draining your battery.

The chances of phone batteries dying are not just bad for your phone but for you as well. Every time the battery dies it degenerates and this is true with any Lithium Ion powered battery.

You don’t want to spend another buck to get a new phone if it’ll last a little bit longer, right?


4. Charge as needed only.

What comes with proper battery usage is charging your phones correctly – no overcharging nor undercharging.

According to Carl Howe former mobile analyst and Principal of Think Big Analytics, “If you want it to be at its best the longest, “never run a battery to zero. That’s bad for it, the rule of thumb: To get your smartphone battery to last the longest, charge it to 80% and recharge it when it hits 20% to avoid stressing the system.”


5. Avoid placing it where it can be exposed to direct sunlight.

The basic tenet is not to place your phone under direct sunlight due to the damage it would cause.