5 Best Ways to Promote Your Cell Phone Accessory Online Store

In this blog post we are going to cover online promotion for cell phone accessory stores. We’ll talk about 5 best ways you can promote your store and how to get the most out of each strategy.

1. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

If your website is not mobile-friendly, it’s not going to do you any good. In order to promote your store you need to be able to promote it to mobile devices as well. Google even made an update that it claims will affect 80% of people browsing the Internet and get them to visit your website. The update is called Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). AMP is a big deal for mobile. It speeds up mobile browsing so that the browser window will show the contents as you normally would, but also push them directly to your website, instead of using the local webpage. In fact, you will notice the majority of mobile sites on the Internet are AMP. They’re at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) because of this update.

2. Have a blog on your site with information about cell phone accessories that people will find interesting and informative – this is great for SEO purposes!

Add links to relevant mobile devices websites on your blog – especially if you are selling direct to consumers. This gives Google a quick way to tell that your site is optimized for mobile. Have an active Facebook page and always give updates on what’s going on. The goal of a mobile-friendly website is to be mobile-friendly, so if you are not mobile-friendly, you aren’t going to be able to reach the audience you’re looking for.

3. Use social media marketing

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most popular outlets for people looking for information on anything from new music releases to furniture shopping options. If done correctly, a well-planned social media campaign can be an excellent way to reach more potential customers and spread awareness about your company or product line. There are many types of social trends that have been shown to drive traffic back towards a business’ website and increase sales – hashtag campaigns being one example, as they allow users who might not be following.

If your goal is to make a profit while offering customers a quality service, then creating and using a great online presence for your product, is a good way to go. As it’s very difficult to offer a unique product, if people know what’s happening in the market. The more awareness you have about your company, the easier it is for your customers to trust you and buy your product. Your online presence helps you promote your products through word of mouth, which is the most effective way to sell items online. There are many free tools available to help you promote your online store. Twitter and Instagram are two of the most popular social networks.

4. Offer free shipping or discounts on orders over $50, which will encourage more customers to make purchases from you instead of other stores with similar items

The current trends in e-commerce businesses have given us a tough choice: Do you sell products in different market segments or do you sell a few products that are in common use? For cell phone accessories, which offer maximum profit potential, you have to sell different items in several product segments that are all applicable for a broad market of customers. When you get a chance to do some in-depth research on different segments, your choice is simple. With that, I am going to tell you that you can test your product in each segment to see which works best. Most accessory stores that sell cell phone accessories are selling the product that will get maximum profit from it. However, it might not work for everyone.

5. Create a newsletter that subscribers can sign up for to get updates on new products and sales

Let’s start off with creating a subscriber list. The first step is to set up a mailing list. Mailchimp is an easy-to-use tool that offers several ways to create a newsletter and drive leads to your store. All you need is a Twitter account, a PayPal account and a sign-up form. There are a number of free sign up forms on there already. Set up the sign-up form in just a couple of minutes and start sending out emails as soon as you’re ready. Have the subscriber list you create send you direct messages from Twitter. You can do this by entering an email address for your subscribers or by creating a LinkedIn account if they don’t have one.

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