5 Reasons Why You Need An Antivirus On Your Mobile Phone

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Even the newest computer owner will install antivirus software soon after purchase. Shockingly, people who are longtime mobile phone users do not take this precaution. Yet, all recent studies on cybercrime are showing that malware meant for mobile phones is growing at an alarming rate. There are several good free antivirus apps for mobile phones, and it is a smart idea to install them on a phone. Here are a few reasons why should have antivirus on your mobile phone.

Data theft protection

Financial transactions are increasingly being done from mobile-based apps. With email being attached to mobile devices, it means sensitive financial data is stored on the phone. Malware includes keyloggers that will record your passwords as you type them. This exposes you to theft of passwords opening you to a financial theft. A good antivirus is able to identify malware and keep your financial data safe.

Faster phone

It is not uncommon to hear complains about slow smartphones. It hangs when taking calls, or will not close down the browser when you need to switch to another app. This could point to malware that has clogged the phone’s memory. A factory reset is usually the quick fix solution, with the downside being the loss of all data on the phone. An antivirus cleans up this malware from the storage and phone memory.

Misuse of IP address

Each smartphone has a unique IP address to enable it to connect to the internet. Some malware will take over your IP address and use your phone to spread. This could place you at risk of prosecution if the victims are able to trace your IP address back to you.

Protection against ransomware

Ransomware is a malicious application that encrypts all data on the phone and makes it unusable. Sophisticated criminals then ask for ransom to unencrypt the data. This type of attack usually means loss of a phone as many phone owners prefer to throw away the phone rather than pay the ransom. An antivirus can detect and stop this type of attack.

Child safety

With many minors having their own phones, it makes sense to install an application that prevents access to dangerous websites where they could be victims of cyberbullying and child sex crimes.

Better privacy

There are many instances of celebrities whose embarrassing private details have been leaked to the public. This is usually the result of spyware attacks. An antivirus keeps your private photos and texts secure.

Does your mobile phone have an antivirus?