6 Facts You Don’t Know About Selfie Sticks

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Selfie sticks have completely revolutionized the way that people take photographs of themselves. Love them or hate them, selfies sticks can be found everywhere and with everyone. Although these wonderful inventions are not necessarily new, selfies sticks have risen in popularity over the past few years.  

Selfie sticks are useful for taking selfies without straining your arm and for group photos that will not crop anyone out. While GoPro selfie sticks may seem simple, people across the globe have clamored to get them but do you know everything there is to know about them? Here are 6 Facts you don’t know about Selfie Sticks:


Selfie sticks are not new

The first stick was invented way back in the 80’s.  Photographer Hiroshi Ueda came up with the first version of the selfie stick which was referred to as an extender stick.

The Quick Pod

In 2004, Wayne Fromm invented the modern version of the stick as we know it today. However, Fromm only patented it in Canada and USA. Since most selfie sticks are manufactured in China, Wayne Fromm is not as wealthy as he should be.

It has won awards

The Selfie stick was named as one of the best inventions of 2014 in Time’s list of 24 best inventions of that year.

You cannot use one in Disneyland

In 2015, a year after the Selfie stick received one of the most prestigious awards; it was banned from all Disneyland parks. The sticks were seen as a safety hazard as visitors would use them on rides, which was extremely unsafe. Other theme parks that have banned selfie sticks include Six Flags.


Two front-facing cameras

When selfie sticks started becoming a safety hazard, phone manufacturers such as LG stepped in to solve the problem by installing two front-facing cameras on their devices. The front-facing selfie cameras offer a wide view to give the effect that the user is holding the phone further away than they actually are.

Available at many price points

Selfie sticks are consumer favorites because they can be purchased by anyone due to the varied price points.


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