6 Mobile Apps That Will Change The Way You Celebrate Lent Forever

Lent is the period of the Christian Calendar when Christians intentionally seek the presence of God through prayer, fasting, and meditating on the Bible. This celebration is held for 40 days for the purpose of growing closer to God. Some people also take this opportunity for self denial through selfless acts, thus, extending God’s love to others.

The 40 days of celebrating Lent is associated with the event when, after Jesus was baptized, the Spirit led Him into the wilderness for 40 days to be tempted by the devil (Matthew 4:1-11). During this vulnerable period, the devil tempted Jesus with food, riches, and power. However, Jesus countered all of these temptations with the Scriptures. He withstood every aspect of the test because He was rooted in God’s Word. Afterwards, He began His ministry.

It is during the Lent season when we remember the pinnacle of Jesus’ ministry: the sacrifice He made on the cross as a payment for our sins, leading to the salvation of men.

This digital age is the time in history when it is almost close to impossible to set a time to meditate on the Bible and enjoy God’s presence. We spend too much time on our gadgets catching up with our friends on social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the list goes on. However, when was the last time that we carved out time in our busy schedules to intentionally spend it with God? When was the last time that we caught up with Him?

God is a person. And just like any person, He longs to have a wonderful relationship with you! This Lent season, you can actually take advantage of the modern technology to make your encounter with God richer this year. Depending on what you need, these six mobile apps will definitely help you to celebrate Lent more meaningfully.

Nimbus Prayer

Source: itunes.apple.com | No prayer is simple or grand. In Nimbus Prayer, all prayers matter.

Nimbus Prayer is more than a mobile app; it is an online social prayer community. Created by the Upper Room Ministries, this free app aims to connect people in prayer anytime and anywhere. You can request for prayer for your friends and family wherever they are. Similarly, you can also view the prayer requests of people from all over the world. Being part of this social prayer community will enable you to strengthen one another in prayer. To top it all, no matter what your belief in life is, you are welcome to join this community.

Lectio Divina

Source: itunes.apple.com | The Bible is not only a text to be studied; it is the Living Word of God.

If you prefer the reflective reading of the Bible, this mobile app by the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay is the best one for you. Lectio Divina, or “Divine Reading,” is done by reading the passage out loud, slowly, and prayerfully while the others listen and meditate on what is being read. This can be done individually or by group.

You can do it with your church mates, friends, and family. And since this is a free app, you can share this with others, and encourage them to do Lectio Divina, too.


Source: itunes.apple.com | True to it’s promise, “Lentsanity puts all the resources of FOCUS’ Lentsanity campaign in your pocket.”

Brought to you for free by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, Lentsanity contains several helpful tools in celebrating Lent. This mobile app includes illustrated guides to works of mercy, confession, stations of the cross, lenten fasting and abstinence. It also contains daily mass readings, Lent-related blog posts such as “Which Fast Food Sandwiches Are Worth Eating?” and short video clips of the Meat Police.

Lent – John Daily Bible Reading S.O.A.P. 2017

Source: itunes.apple.com

Do you wish to glean more from your Bible reading during this Lent season? But let’s admit it. Studying the Bible can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. But you don’t have to worry anymore. This free app will surely help you! Touch Softworks Limited designed this app following the most commonly used Bible study plan S.O.A.P, which stands for “Scripture,” “Observation,” “Application,” and “Prayer.”

Moreover, you can type and save your insights directly in your phone. How cool is that!

This app also contains 40 daily Bible reading passages that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter. However, you can also apply the S.O.A.P. method in studying the other books of the Bible once the Lent season ends. Enjoy!

Seek God 2017

Source: itunes.apple.com | “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19 New International Version

Are you praying for a revival to happen in your community or in your country? Or are you praying to be more compassionate towards others? If that is your prayer, then this mobile app from WayMakers is perfect for you!

A heart that longs after God also seeks that which is in the heart of God—the welfare of your neighbor! And it doesn’t have to be just the people in the house next to yours; you can pray even for people from other countries!

Seek God 2017 ($0.99) contains important features that can help you pray for your community, your country, and other countries more intentionally and in practical ways. Moreover, you can still find this prayer tool helpful even after the Lent season.


ource: itunes.apple.com | Music is an important part of worship to God. You can incorporate music into your meditation as background or you can start your meditation singing worship songs, inviting the presence of God to join you!

To better set the mood for your meditation, you can also play your favorite instrumental music in the background. With Spotify, you can listen to music for free or you can avail of the Spotify Premium for an ad-free music streaming. Search for albums or playlists about lent, and save or follow them. Just type “Lent” in the search bar, choose the album or playlist that you want, and there! You’re all set to have your daily meditation.

Remember the Reason for the Lent Season

As you use these mobile apps, keep in mind why we are celebrating Lent: to know God more. We can also take this time to extend God’s love to others. Most importantly, let’s remember Jesus whose sacrifice led to the forgiveness of our sins in order for us to have eternal life.

May we all have a meaningful Lent this year and for many years to come!