6 Tips to Increase The Revenue for Cell Phone Accessory Stores

If you’re an owner of a cell phone accessory store, then you know how difficult it can be to find new ways to increase the revenue. There are many different avenues that one can explore in order to bring in more customers and make more money, but we want to share some tried-and-true tips with you today. This blog post will discuss six tips that can be used to increase revenues for cell phone accessory stores.

1. Create a blog for your store

One of the best ways to bring in more customers is to create a blog about your store. Creating a blog post about your store can help to get more search traffic to your store. You can make posts about new accessories you’ve recently added to your inventory, upcoming sales, special promotions, and so on. You can also use this blog post to provide real-time information to your customers, like how your latest sale and promotion went. 2. Set up a Facebook Fan Page for your store It can also be beneficial to create a Facebook Fan Page for your store. There are a lot of people who use Facebook to buy mobile accessories, especially the iPhone ones. Facebook fan pages give customers a chance to learn more about your store and check out your special promotions.

2. Offer an exclusive discount to customers who purchase more than one item at a time

With cell phone accessories, customers are generally keen to own a wide range of items. If you are able to create special deals for customers who purchase a number of items, you can create loyalty in your customer base. In addition, if your customers buy more than one item, you can offer an exclusive discount to them. This can help boost revenue for your mobile accessories store. 3. Maintain a good mix of in-stock and out-of-stock inventory One of the best ways to increase revenue for cell phone accessory stores is to ensure that you are always offering customers a variety of stock options so that they don’t have to wait for their phones. If you have plenty of items available for customers to buy, they will be more likely to shop at your store for their phones.

3. Provide an online chat service that’s available 24/7 so customers can ask questions about products before purchasing them

Doing something new in an existing business can go a long way to increase revenues. People have gotten used to buying things online in order to get them faster and at a cheaper cost. Doing the same thing and making a customer feel like they have to wait until the next business day is not a good solution. Instead, make a 24/7 online chat service that you can use to answer questions.

Having a customer ask a question and then answering that question right away is always a great option to increase sales. It will give you the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with your customers so you can interact with them more effectively in the future. Also, you can try selling on Amazon sells almost everything so you’ll have no problem selling cell phone accessories on that site.

4. Sell cell phone accessories like chargers, cases, cords, headphones, screen protectors etc., as well as new phones and tablets

There’s a misconception that people buy cell phone accessories and accessories that directly relate to the phone they’re buying. This is certainly true for certain types of products, such as cases and chargers for certain brands. But you can also go in the opposite direction – if people are buying more expensive phones like the iPhone, then there’s an opportunity to sell them more accessories. The flip side is that if people are upgrading their phones, then the sales of the cheaper devices go down. On the flip side, if people are buying cheaper phones, then there’s an opportunity to sell them more accessories. The key is finding the right balance in the market and then finding out which direction people are headed.

5. Give discounts or freebies to loyal customers who share photos of their purchases on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Do not underestimate the power of social media when it comes to marketing. The ability to share things like promotions, discounts, and photos of their purchases has proven to be incredibly powerful, as it has helped generate awareness of your store and help drive new customers into your store. Make sure to make note of any loyal customers who share their purchases on their social media channels in order to gain some points. However, make sure to also offer them something in return. For example, if they share your posts about the sale of $50 off their purchases on Facebook, then give them $5 off their next purchase.

6. Host events with giveaways to increase customer engagement with your company’s social media presence

You can host in-store events that include live giveaways, such as Beats headphones, as an opportunity to give a customer a test run before they buy their next cellphone or the latest smartphone.

For example, for a cell phone accessory store like Shoptiques, an Apple iPhone 7 will run you $699.99. To entice customers to try the phone before purchasing, Shoptiques regularly hosts pop-up stores in the mall. The store will open early, give customers a free iPhone 7 to test and make their purchase while they’re there. They may also allow customers to take pictures with the phones, as well as sign up for newsletter. The goal is to get customers to test the product and see if they like it. It’s a win-win.

Give your customers an authentic experience. Often times, customers enter your store and feel like they’re being treated like numbers. They often feel like they’re just another item on a salesperson’s to-do list. But customers appreciate when your business truly does care about them as a person. Giving them a customized experience and letting them know that they’re important is a good way to build trust.

Use social media and online platforms as marketing tools. Having a marketing plan and proper social media presence is key when trying to build up your business’ revenue. A simple search on Google will allow you to find tons of social media accounts, so you can start by utilizing these platforms.

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