7 Accessories Your iPhone 7 Needs

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Here comes the champ, iPhone 7 was released last September 7, 2016. Are you one of them who already owns an iPhone 7? At HLC Wholesale, we already have iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 accessories in stock. We had the biggest sale increase ever since the iPhone 7 released. Whether you have the gold one, silver, rose gold, matte black or the jet black you definitely need some cool accessories to fancy up your new iPhone 7. Here is the list of accessories that your iPhone 7 needs.

1. AirPods – #1 on the list, we all know that the new iPhone 7 has no Headphone Jack which would be a problem if you want to listen to music while charging, using an Airpods would help you overcome this iPhone 7 problem. AirPods would be available at the end of October with a price tag of $159.

2. Tempered Glass – A must have accessory for your iPhone. A tempered glass is four times stronger as compared to ordinary glass which will give your screen a protection.

3. Case – Invest on a quality and good shockproof cases. The shockproof case protects your iPhone 7 from damages caused by dropping it.

4. Apple watch – one of the essential accessories you can get for your new iPhone 7 most especially for people who wants to integrate their fitness tracking to IOS.

5. Charging Cradle – It works as a convenient stand for your iPhone 7 at the same time charging it up.

6. Selfie sticks/Monopods with clip lens – Having an iPhone 7 with a superb camera and superb front cam you might consider getting a selfie stick, most especially for those people who loves to take pictures or to take selfies.

7. Power Bank – Apple company claims that their iPhone 7’s battery life lasts for 615 minutes, If you’re the type of person who’s always outside and loves to stay connected with their friends using the internet, having power bank is perfect for you just in case you run out of battery juice you can still enjoy your new iPhone 7.

Even though there are a lot of changes on the new iPhone 7, you can always accessorize it in a way that can fit your lifestyle.