7 Best Waterproof Cases for Your Phone in 2017

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We all know that a smartphone in the water is as good as gone.  Unfortunately, it can and does happen and your prized iPhone 6S is no more.  Fortunately, there are waterproof phone cases to keep away watery deaths. Today’s waterproof cases are sophisticated guards, able to keep your smartphone safe even in   when swimming. What are some of the best waterproof phone cases in 2017?

CaliCase, Waterproof floating case

You have to give it to this one.  Not only does it protect your phone when it gets into the water, it floats so that you can find it easier. It gets better at night. It glows in the dark so that you don’t have to grope around the bottom of the pool with a torch. If you are not using it for the phone, you can put in other valuables like a passport, money or Kindle.

Kona Submariner Case

Just in case you work in the deep waters or love taking videos and photos when scuba diving. This case protects your phone up to a depth of a 100 feet or 30 meters of water. The case is crystal clear so that you can shoot your selfies or videos in perfect clarity. The case is also designed to protect your phone against shock, mud and dust.

Lunatik Aquatik

This case is rated IP68 and comes in the slim form factor for your IPhone and other slim smartphones. It will protect your phone for 30 minutes in 3 feet of water. It is also TouchID compatible so that you don’t have to swap harder. There is the heavy duty version protects against heavier shocks.

Yosh Universal case

Unlike many of today’s cases that are designed for a particular brand, the Yosh case will fit on almost any smartphone.  It is rated IPX8 which means it can keep your phone safe for 2 hours. It has extra room to hold other items like cash and passport.

HitCase Pro

This one is designed for the IPhone. It can stand up to 33 feet (10 meters) depth of water. It also offers shock protection. The good thing is that it is designed to work with other iPhone accessories like lenses and mounts.

AceTeah Universal case

This is another case that will fit on many smartphones and designed to carry extras like cash. It is crystal clear allowing you to shoot pictures or video under 15 meters of water. It also offers heat and shock protection.

Joto waterproof case

This case is simple and straightforward to install. It will allow you to jack in your earplugs without leaking in water. It has a supersensitive touch for easy operation.

The waterproof cases above will allow you to swim and operate underwater with your phone. No leaving it with strangers on the beach.