7 iPhone Tricks People Don’t Know About

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Unless you are dissecting your iPhone for a lab test, it is unlikely that you went through the 100 plus page of the manual. You could have found out some cool tricks. But there are other tricks that you just have to find out for yourself. To spare you hundreds of hours trying to find them, here are a few. Some may work differently depending on your iPhone’s model.

1.Faster charging

If you don’t have the patience to wait for a slow charge, quicken it up with a single tap. Engaging the flight mode will kill all the processes that drain your battery including wifi searches and mobile data. This will add about 5% to whatever charge you could normally be putting in. 5% in  30 minutes is a cool 2 minutes. Enough for a quick coffee.

2.Check out your iPhone’s spying

Big Brother is really watching. And your iPhone is helping him along. To check out how much your iPhone has been keeping track of you, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations. It will even tell you on what spot you are standing.

3.Do an infinite zoom

What is that in the background? You are zooming but only so far. To zoom as much as you would like, tap the edit button and crop the photo just a tiny bit to trick the iPhone. Save it and now you can enjoy infinite zooming.

4.Sell open tabs at once

Are you in a hurry to compare those 2 prices but there are 3 tabs in between? See all tabs at once by tilting to landscape mode. Now pinch the tabs just like you would a photo to see all at once.

5.Custom vibrations

You know that you can have a custom ringtone to tell when it’s your mom and when it’s your girlfriend calling. What if you could do the same for vibration alerts? Go to Contacts and select the person to custom. Hit edit to get the Vibration option. Tap it and to see Create New Vibration option. Set your custom vibration alert.

6.Smarten up Siri

You know that she is really smart but she pronounces some words like a moron. When she pronounces in a way you don’t like just go, “That’s not how you pronounce…” and she will prompt for a correct pronunciation. Tell her and test.

7.Save on mobile data

Save on your precious mobile data by denying it to apps that don’t need it. Go to Settings and then Mobile Data to customize which apps should use mobile data and which can use the free wifi at Starbucks. Enjoy