7 tips to grow your eBay business

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eBay business owners like all others elsewhere have numerous goals to attain and top on their list is to grow bigger and wider. To build a successful eBay business, you have to be digitally smart and able to attract and retain your customers using a number of ways through which you can reach growth milestones to catapult your business to success. Here are 7 tips you can employ for growing your eBay business.

  1. Take full advantage of your title and description – Titles play a huge role in your eBay business because they determine the way your product or service will appear on the search engine results. With eBay, you can use up to 80 characters in the title. So, come out with relevant keywords such as model, manufacturer, weight, size, color, and condition. For finding the right keywords, we recommend you to explore, Google AdWords Keyword Planner which is a free tool.
  2. eBay business, you have to provide complete specifics for each item

When it comes to keyword matches, the eBay search engine focuses on these three places; title, specifics of items, and every first 100 words of listings.  So, ensuring that your keywords are reasonably concentrated in these three areas will pay off in search engine results. If your item specifics are completed, buyers on eBay will easily come across your item when using the eBay filters on the left-hand side to drill down whatever item they are buying.

  1. Quality photos

The importance of uploading relevant pictures on eBay can’t be underestimated, for they are sometimes more important than words. With eBay, a single listing is entitled to 12 free photos. This is an opportunity you should maximize.  eBay also restricts each photo at a minimum of 500 pixels on the image’s longest side. Besides, the image must not have borders or text seller text. Also, each listing must consist of at least a photo.  You can look online for hundreds of tutorials on how to take quality photos.

  1. Use free shipping supplies in eBay business

Do you ship USPS Priority Mail (Priority Mail Express)? Then you can get free shipping supplies.  Your items will be delivered in the post office or right at your door.  Also, using Priority Mail Express comes with an extra benefit like getting free package pickup from your home. When in possession of your packaging material, make sure you have these three essential supplies; a  tape measure, scale, and printer. In the absence of any of them, go to our supplies site for shipping supplies to purchase it at a discount.

  1. Free Automation of Shipping
image credit to ShippyPro Blog

Shipping can easily become a headache if you have multiple items shipped in a day.  The best way to reduce such a burden would be to automate the printing of your shipping labels to get them at the same time. There is a free version from ShipWorks and Endicia that is designed to benefit eBay sellers. The package helps you in accessing postage discounts, configuring and processing shipments and batches as well as automating order processing and staying away from any double entry.

  1. Communicate in a friendly and kind way

Underestimating the importance of being friendly and kind in the way you communicate is a big mistake. You have to keep customers comfortable by staying positive with ample information as you answer each of their questions. Also, post answers to questions that buyers may ask for all buyers to see. Always give friendly and inviting responses.

  1. Spell out your satisfaction guarantee or return policy

If you want to stand out from other sellers on eBay, offer a guarantee of some sort to your customers. Studies show that businesses that offer a return policy have more customers coming their way.

If you follow these 7 tips carefully, you will grow your eBay business without any hassle. Buyers are always there, but it takes the right approach for sellers on eBay to attract and retain them. Make the most of the free shipping software and supplies available for you.


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