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8 Easy Tips to Improve a Cell Phone Local Store Traffic

If you’re looking to improve your business, it is important to include mobile marketing tactics. Cell phone stores are no exception. It’s not uncommon for many of the customers that visit your store each day to be on their phones while they walk in and out – so why not take advantage and turn this opportunity into a potential customer? 

There are certain steps you can take as an owner or employee of a cell phone store that will make it more likely for people walking by to stop in or shop with you instead of going elsewhere. Here are 8 easy tips that will help increase your local store traffic.

1. Make sure the store is clean and well-lit

The first and most important thing that you can do is ensure that the customers coming in to your store see a clean, well-lit store that is able to remain nice and organized. Having the space for customers to shop is just as important as having the space to make the sale. As a result of the above tip, you should take a look at the lighting, which will help you provide the kind of lighting that can make your products look great in your space. Also, put some big posters in your store to advertise your services, and use an online presence to gain traffic. A good way to advertise these is to send out a daily email blast, letting your customers know when new products are going to be released, or when a special discount is going to be happening. 


2. Update your inventory to offer more of the latest models

Each year, as new phones come out, more people are looking for them. However, the older models tend to hold their value longer and that’s where most people tend to go when they’re looking to purchase a new phone. The newer models will often have new features and your store should be at the forefront of carrying them. 

Offer fast, easy customer service. The first impression is important. When people come into a cell phone store, they’re not used to the high-level customer service of a store like Best Buy or an Apple Store. They’re used to having a couple of minutes to get their questions answered and they want it done quickly.


4. Provide personalized service with knowledgeable staff members (employees)

“If you’re nice to people, they will be nice to you.” – Franklin P. Jones 

Most people prefer to patronize a business that values them – so think about how you can make your store more friendly to your customers. It can be hard to maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere if you’re not feeling welcomed at times. I have seen my own store for over 10 years, and I still have a hard time letting customers know that I’m there if I’m not actively doing anything to make their visit a positive experience. It’s very easy to walk in, and in my opinion it’s equally as easy to walk out. The trick is to be friendly and actively engage with your customers on a personal level.


5. Have a wide variety of accessories available for purchase on site

The first tip that comes to mind is having a wide range of cell phone products for sale on site. This is usually the first place that people stop when they’re thinking about purchasing a new mobile device. Customers are more likely to shop for products when they already understand what they are purchasing, but it’s also easy to miss out on potential sales if you don’t have anything for sale. Have a section of accessories for sale, like earbuds, earpieces, chargers, and case covers. This could be a great way to turn customers into potential customers who stop in to try your products, or even want to speak to a customer service rep. There are plenty of options available for purchase, but you will need to have them on site. 


6. Give out coupons for future purchases to people who bring their old phones in for recycling

Giving out coupons for free cell phones or other promotional items for people who bring their old devices in for recycling is a great way to get people to stop by and look at the new phones you’re promoting. You can set up a deal that they can get 1% off of their next purchase if they bring their phone in and take it in for recycling. Not only is this a great way to encourage customers to stop in for more information about your products, but it also helps you advertise that you’re offering this free gift and sending them the link to your website. 

7. Offer a 10% discount on accessories to customers who sign up for your newsletter

An easy way to get your store visitors to start logging into your email is to give out a free 10% discount to new signups. This is a great way to bring in new customers. Send them a code to be entered into your store’s register. You’ll make sure that new signups know that they have a discount to get to know your store, and you’ll know who they are. If they like your products, they may also be willing to buy something else from you as well. 

Go mobile If you want to attract more customers, then you should consider going mobile. Consider setting up your phone’s camera to allow customers to take pictures of the products they’re interested in. This gives them an easy way to show off their purchases without having to come into your store.

8. Sponsor local events and offer discounts on tickets

Most cell phone stores are participating in local and even state events that are held frequently and right in their neighborhood. Getting involved with these events will get your name out there to the people that are passing by your store everyday. Some of these events include local charities that need your help. There are many ways that you can offer a discount or special promotion to customers that attend these events. You can show up at the event and introduce yourself and say, “I’m the owner of Verizon here, and we just did a free cell phone giveaway for those who attended. Would you like to take advantage of it?” Or you can offer a discount code online for those who attend the event.

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