8 Mobile Phone Accessories That Will Trend in 2018

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The demand for mobile phones is not slowing down anytime soon, and neither is the corresponding demand for mobile phone accessories. With mobile phone brands competing to outdo each other on smarter, faster and more beautiful models, it can only be expected that the phone accessories market will be as vibrant in 2018 and the future. Of particular note is that battery technology has lagged behind as phones become more powerful and demand more power. It is one area where accessories will trend strongly. What does 2018 offer in mobile accessories?

Power banks

The power bank has become a standard requirement for busy people on the go. But they are becoming slimmer, lighter and more presentable. They are also achieving higher power capacity. Power banks that can charge several devices at once will be strong favorites in 2018. Ultimately, higher capacity power banks will continue to sell strongly.

Type-C chargers

Samsung has announced the adoption of USB-C as a standard feature in their phones going forward, for faster data transfer and charging. Type-C connectors and charging cables will be a strong sell as more major brands follow suit.

Wireless charging

2018 could be the year that wireless charging makes a big statement. A few smartphone brands are having this feature but this could change, especially for static people like office workers looking to reduce wire tangle.

Smart wearables

2017 saw a strong surge in wearable accessories especially smartwatches and fitness trackers. It is only expected that these devices will continue seeing a strong interest as their features become more powerful including longer distance ranges.

Protective phone cases

These are all-time favorite accessories as every model that comes out will need one. Phone cases that offer protection from shock, falls, and dust and water damage will continue seeing a strong demand.

Protective Screens

With the iPhone X going for close to $1,000, few owners will be willing to risk screen damage in this phone and other pricey brands whose replacement costs can be as much as $300. Demand for screen protectors for these pricey phones will correspond strongly with demand for these high-end phones.

Audio accessories

Apple has led the way by eliminating the headphone jack. As phones become slimmer, other brands will also eliminate it in favor of wireless buds. It can be expected that demand for wireless buds will see a strong growth from this trend.

Photo accessories

Clip-on lenses and pocket flashes are allowing smartphones to take near-professional-quality photos. Demand for more powerful lenses that couple with a flash can only see higher demand in 2018 going forward.

VR headsets

VR headsets that allow phone owners to play more interactively are seeing an upward trajectory that is expected to continue in 2018.

Which phone accessory is on your wishlist for 2018?