Apple Watch Series 3 Get Yours Now for Only $199 at Walmart

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The great design, exceptional software and the first-rate aesthetics that the Apple Watch comes with, makes it a popular choice on the market. Slapping some Apple tech on your risk is great, but the gadget can be pretty pricey. That’s why getting a solid Apple Watch deal for this wearable, would be amazing. With a discount of 80%, Walmart now sells the Series 3 smartwatch for just $199.

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Apple Watch Series 3 Best Features For Health, Workouts And Other Activities

This Apple Watch Series 3 GPS comes designed like a mini wrist iPhone, ultra-portable, compact and with many health-focused features. These features track calories in your system and monitor your heart rate and display timely notifications whenever you’re experiencing a high or low rate detection.

As an ultimate sports smartwatch, the Apple device also comes with features that measure your daily workouts. It is an intelligent tracker for many types of activities, including especially common fitness exercises such as running, yoga, and cycling, swimming, hiking, and even high-intensity interval training.

Apart from health-related and workout features, the Apple watch also offers basic smartwatch features. They include functions like sending and receiving messages, making calls, and receiving notifications. With its swim-proof capability, having fun in the pool or ocean while wearing the Series 3 is normal.  The life span of its iPhone-like battery is up to 18 hours.

Attractive Price tag
A price tag of  $199 is rarely the price for Apple Watch. The series 3 pretty cheap unlike the Apple Watch 4 that presently sells at a retail price of $399. Such a price displays a huge difference between the two series, making the series 3 a smart option to grab. It is a high quality and capacity smartwatch that includes the 38mm model. The band that comes with this model is black and white, and the case is aluminum. Taking advantage of this rare offer from Walmart now is the best thing you can do because opportunities like this are often limited.


An Ultimate Apple Watch Tracker

This Apple Watch is also the best way to use your iPhone even when it is away from you. The GPS pairs perfectly with your iPhone. With the GPS technology and barometric altimeter, you can track your distance and how high you go. The smartwatch will track and share the activities of your day and help you build the motivation needed to hit your mark every day. A device that monitors your heart rate effectively daily is worth buying. Besides, the Apple watch can automate the syncing of your favorite playlists as you stay connected with your iPhone. Additionally, the watch comprises of a dual-core processor that renders its Apps faster performance and efficiency.

Apart from going for this intuitive and intelligent Apple watch Series 3 that sells for an extremely attractive price, you can as well purchase a smartwatch, designed with LTE connectivity from Walmart. For only $299, this version comes with GPS and cellular. These features let you enjoy connectivity both for the phone and internet on your smartwatch even when you are quite far away from your iPhone. Also, if you are a fan of larger screens, Walmart has you covered. The 42mm Series 3 has both the non-LTE and LTE connectivity versions.

If you want the ultimate watchOS 4 that Walmart sells for just $199, the best-looking Series 3 is right there for you. It is much easy to set up and seamless to toggle from cellular to Bluetooth and vice versa. Walmart has multiple versions and models of the wireless Apple Watch that are on sale for best cheap prices, based on heavy discounts that will save you lots of dollars.


Screen protector

Are you a drop shipper? Do you own an online store and need high quality but affordable phone accessories? Get them all from HLC. Speaking of Discounts, HLC is offering these cool screen protectors for your Apple watch for just $3.99. Get these today along with your discounted apple watch. You can get them for your self, for retail or as a gift for a friend.

Here is more about the screen protectors offered by HLC:

The 3D Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector from HLC is compatible with Apple iWatch 4, 3, 2, and 1. With a hardness level of 9H, the screen protector protects your Apple watch from damage due to drops, bumps, scratches and daily tear and wear. It also stretches through the screen ensuring that all potions are covered. Not only that but also the screen coating blocks out bubbles, dust, and fingerprints,  keeping your watch as good as new!

You can get these protectors in four sizes:

You’ll also be free to choose the color of your choice. Get yours now!