Art Up Your Phone with these 5 Awesome DIY Smartphone Accessories

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April 15 is World Art Day!  It is an international celebration of fine arts, which was first promoted and declared by the International Association of Arts (IAA) on April 15, 2011 to promote creativity worldwide.

And What better way to celebrate World Art Day than by unleashing your creativity on your smartphone?

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to choose accessories that fit your mood or personality perfectly.  You are one-of-a-kind so it is only fair that you have a set of personalized smartphone accessories that cater to your own unique style and personality.

Here are a few fun and fabulous DIY smartphone accessory projects, which will surely make Leonardo Da Vinci proud (April 15 is his birthday after all).

DIY Pressed Flower iPhone Case

We absolutely adore this DIY Pressed Flower iPhone Case idea by Clare McGibbon on Etsy.  It’s perfect for spring and for preserving those flowers you’ve received from a loved one.

This DIY Pressed Flower iPhone Case is brought to you by Clare McGibbon on Etsy

All you need for the project is a solid colored iPhone case, some flowers, and some art supplies and you’re all set for this project.  And just think – you can even buy a lot of cases so you can create some for your family and friends.

DIY Bead Earphones

A pair of high-quality earphones is a must-have in the smartphone accessory world.  They’re handy and they keep you sane – particularly when you are traveling or when you just need to zone out from the rest of the world.

We love this DIY earphone design project with beads by Matilda on YouTube, because it’s simple, doable, and re-doable!  All you need are Perler beads (or any type of soft plastic beads) and a pair of scissors to achieve a new look for your earphones.

Unlike the previous DIY earphone design projects that we have shared in previous blogs, this DIY design can be changed whenever you feel like it.  The beads can easily be removed and replaced with new beads depending on your mood.

The great thing about this DIY Bead Earphones project is that it will also help you keep your earphone cord from getting tangled or torn because the beads will provide another level of protection for your accessory.

Origami Smartphone Stand

Origami Smartphone Stand courtesy of Social Bliss

This Origami Smartphone Stand shared on Social Bliss is by far the easiest DIY project on this list, but we love it because it’s so smart and simple!  You can do it with printed paper or regular paper and create it when you need it.

Customized Picture iPhone Case

What we like most about this DIY Customized Picture iPhone Case from Michelle Baratta of Bella Branch TV is that it’s extremely easy to do.

All you need is a transparent iPhone case and print outs of pictures, prints or designs that you love.  You can even print out a photo of your loved ones and use it for your design.  Once you’re done printing and cutting out the design, all you need to do is snap it on to the inner part of the transparent case and you’re all set.

Oh, and don’t worry! This idea is not limited for iPhone users alone.  Just find a transparent case for your phone model, get the specifications of the case and you can implement this design there as well.

DIY Leather Earphone Holder

Don’t you just hate it when you reach into your bag to grab your earphones and it gets tangled with everything else inside?  What’s worse is when you manage to drag out all the other things in your bag in the process leading to an even bigger mess!

DIY Leather Earphone Holder by Laura Kaesshaefer

This DIY Leather Earphone Holder project by Laura Kaesshaefer is elegant and easy to follow.  You can even make more and give out as gifts to your officemates!

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can experiment with different designs and material to come up with new earphone holders for every occasion or to match your ensemble.

Did you enjoy this DIY tip this week? Give us your feedback and we’ll keep the content rolling.

The possibilities are just endless!

These are just 5 of our top picks of DIY accessories that can help you personalize your smartphone – not just for World Art Day – but for every day of the week.  And just think – you’ll never run out of smartphone accessories because you can always visit our store and order when you feel the sudden urge to have an art attack.