Best 5 Holiday Phone Accessories to Give As A Gift

Before you begin your Holiday gift shopping it is a good idea to list out what you can gift. Since technology is used so universally it is a good idea to gift these phone accessories to your family and friends. They are sure to appreciate anything that makes the tech life a little bit easy or interesting.



Storage devices

One of the best holiday phone accessories to gift is a memory card. People do so much with their phones that they would love to have extra space to store their files, images, videos and music. MicroSD cards add plenty of space to the storage capacity of a smartphone if it is compatible. You get microSD cards with varying storage spaces from 32GB to 128GB but make sure you buy one that is compatible with the smartphone of the person you are gifting it to.


Phone cases

A universal size waterproof case that fits all smartphones will be appreciated as well. Waterproof case bags not only waterproof but also snow-proof your phones and keep out dirt, dust and sand too. It is safe to carry phones to the beach and water parks. Gift a waterproof case that does not interfere with the touchscreen functionality and also has a window so that they can take pictures and videos even when in the water and snow! Waterproof case bags come in a number of colors.


Wallet Phone Case

The wallet phone case is a good gift for someone who travels a lot. It helps to keep phone, cash and cards all together in one place. Most wallet cases are designed for specific phones so get one that is compatible with the phone of the person you are gifting the wallet case too. Most people love these wallet cases which are not only convenient but also stylish. The wallet cases are designed in a way that does affect the functionality of the phone. The wallet section is at the back and so when using your phone the cards and cash are not visible.


Solar chargers

If there is one thing that we never want our phones to be without, it’s the battery life. This is why solar power chargers make a really great Holiday gift. Most of the solar power chargers are beautifully designed and are compatible with phones as well as other devices like MP3. Solar power chargers are wireless and can be placed anywhere there is sunlight. Plug in your phone into the USB slot and the phone will be charged whether at home or in the office.


Microscope lens

You can gift a microscope lens to a person who loves to take pictures with their phone. The microscope lens fits over the phone lens and magnifies objects manifold to give a clear and crisp image on your phone. The microscope lens fits over the camera lens with the help of an adapter. Detail images and close-ups are really wonderful with this lens.