Best Android OS: Marshmallow, Lollipop or Kitkat?

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What is an Android OS? It is an operating system designed for mobile devices such as touch screen phones and tablets. You may have had a couple of Android devices before, and you were either impressed or not by their features. Well, these features are what Android OS are all about. Among the Android OS are Marshmallow, lollipop, and Kitkat. You may also have noticed without much emphasis, the taste in their names. Clearly, the souls at Google, have a tasty tongue for their names! And now that we know all that, let us look into the Android world, all the way from widgets to wireless app downloads.


It has features such as the ‘ok Google’ where you do not need to search for everything by the touch. Instead, you can speak after an activation of saying, ‘ok Google.’ Rather creative! This OS also was designed to enable a display art of users’ choice, whenever the screen locked and the user was listening to music. If that is not enough, you are free to engage in various activities all at the same time. For example, you may listen to music and browse online at the same time.


This Android OS was created before the Marshmallow OS. Before downloading the app from the play store, you have to allow all app permissions. This is not such an attractive aspect as it is time-consuming. Lollipop also has a 64-bit system formation that offers a more advanced support for the technology. Inclusive of the features of lollipop is one known as ‘where is my lollipop’ which was initiated in the Sony, HTC, and LG devices. This feature facilitates users with news updates. There are also other features such as the User accounts and Smart locker. It is certainly better than Kitkat.


The USB type C, it is a Lord of connection world, that is also a very fast charger. Android Marshmallow has its in built USB type C, if the settings are alright, it takes the advantage.It has an awesome feature of in built permanent memory, just like a memory card which is in permanent form. Swapping memory cards for all the rest was good, but if a permanent storage solution is needed, it is the best.

In a nut shell, you being the judge of all the three Android OS, Lollipop is better than Kitkat while Marshmallow is clearly better than the other two. This is because Google was on to something regarding improving their Android OS. In resale, this is a factor to consider when purchasing phone accessories as we will see in our upcoming review.