Best Budget Smartphones Of 2016

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Budget Smartphones market has undoubtedly come a long way to become a niche in its own right. They might not have the most dazzling displays or sleek metal designs, but these smartphones can still be appealing, offer a reasonable battery life, solid performance, and decent specs while saving your some green at the same time. Who can argue with that, right?

In this article, I will present to you a list of top 5 budget smartphones poised to knock your sock off. Most, if not all, will set you back less than $200. With one or two-year contracts losing traction, these phones make buying a smartphone outright not only feasible but also pleasurable. Stick around and you will thank us later.

Huawei Honor 5X
Budget smartphones can’t get better than this – Huawei Honor 5X is truly remarkable. It features Snapdragon 616 processor by Qualcomm, along with 16 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM. And that isn’t all. The front-facing camera can capture 5M stills with the rear-facing one snapping an incredible 13M images.
Unexpectedly, the Honor 5X also features a stylish and sleek unibody design that bears much semblance to the HTC one series. For a budget smartphone, Huawei closed the deal with a fingerprint scanner feature – for enhanced security.

Asus Zenfone 5 LTE
The Zenfone 5 LTE is a formidable force to reckon with among budget smartphones that try to bridge the gap between top-level flagship phones and entry-level smartphones. Though display and battery life are a letdown, it’s still a capable smartphone with under $150 price tag. Its display is a smashing 5″, thought 4″ and 6″ version are also available. There’s also an LTE model if a snappy connect tickles your fancy.

3rd Gen Moto G by Motorola
Back in 2013, original Moto G kept tongues wagging. Its third generation cousin is sleekier, more robust, and cheap! With a good battery life, reasonable performance, and improved camera, Moto G is a must-have budget Android phone. It’s also water resistant. With Motorola Maker, it’s poised to be one of the most customizable on the list.

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua
Sony Xperia M4 Aqua feature waterproofing functionality typically associated with Xperia Z3. It also features solid performance and a decent battery. On the downside, Sony Xperia M4 Aqua lack an internal storage and offers underperforming camera and display. With water-resistance feature and under $200 price tag, Sony Xperia M4 Aqua isn’t a bad choice.

Motorola Moto G4
Motorola is at it again. It’s certainly bigger and brighter. With a 5.5″ display, octa-core processor and a decent battery life, Motorola Moto G4 is a budget smartphone worth your buck.