Best inventory management software for your phone accessory business

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Inventory management can be a headache for new business owners. For that reason, we now have the inventory management software- a system that helps a business owner to monitor inventory and stock items, orders, sales and deliveries. By using this software technology, a mobile phone accessories company can keep a record of all non-capitalized assets, stocked items and inventory under its control. It also helps to know the location of each item, information of vendors and suppliers, and specific details of orders.

The mobile phone accessories business has grown so much over the past few years due to never-ending consumption worldwide. Owners of mobile phone accessories wholesale business have so many activities involving a lot of transactions, orders, stock and sometimes production. If one is not careful, vast amounts of money and goods might get lost in the process, causing loss and failure of a business. To avoid all that, it is highly recommended to use the best inventory management software to keep track of every activity and account for all transactions.

The following are the top 6 best inventory management software for mobile phone accessories business in 2020;
Zoho Inventory

Zoho inventory is one of the best inventory management software designed to help new, small and old businesses fulfil their inventory management requirements. It consists of features that favour any business, including startup businesses by helping them manage supply chains effectively, so they never run out of stock. Unlike most software of its kind, Zoho tools are not cumbersome; they are straightforward to use even if you’ve very little knowledge about inventory management software.

It has plenty of productivity tools via automation, which helps businesses to manage the inventory accurately. Automation features allow you to restock any time before you run out of stock. Zoho has tracking capabilities ideal for online sellers as it helps to know how much and where your products are at any time. You can also keep track of inventories from the time the orders are received to the moment they’re delivered.

Also has compatibility with iOS and Android device; therefore, one can download the App into their smartphone. The software allows customization of features to suit your requirements. There is also categorization of products based on availability, price, SKUs and items of similar nature. Furthermore, Zoho has free features including 20 online and offline orders per month, 20 labels and shipment tracking per month, a warehouse, composite items, e-commerce integrations and five automated workflows per module.


Oracle NetSuite ERP

Oracle NetSuite Erp is accounting software designed for small to mid-size organizations but suitable for larger enterprises as well. It is a tool for managing accounting information by collecting, organizing, storing and using data for the benefit of an enterprise. What makes NetSuite Erp stand out is the maturity of the software itself due to high functionality, integration and seamless nature.

The application empowers corporations by providing analytics of a company’s performance across all functions. It also helps organizations to speed up their financial closing through better management of IT costs. The ERP system centralizes all the information in an organization, and by doing this, one can streamline the flow of information. All your business processes become connected end to end, making all other things more manageable.

Moreover, you can have a single view of a customer profile for better service provision. The team can work efficiently to serve customers because they have all the information needed. This is what modern ERP does for you, centralize and manage your information seamlessly, allow you to connect to customers and link you to communication tools such as Office 365. Oracle NetSuite ERP is secure and compatible with mobile phones for managing your business appropriately anywhere.

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QuickBooks software is used by more than 80% of small businesses. Intuit launched QuickBooks over 2o years ago, and it has become the company’s best product dominating the accounting software market place. It has all kinds of products to satisfy your accounting needs. Quick books is a financial management system and a productivity tool to help you get organized. There are a variety of versions of QuickBooks and can be purchased for desktops or online use in the cloud.

These varieties of solutions can be used for business or personal use to keep track of invoices and expenses. It has features to help a business owner connect to vendors and manage vendors activities, pay bills, receive inventory and record deposits. There is also a section where you can manage all customer activity and create invoices for customers. QuickBooks has excellent reporting capabilities for creating companies financial reports. You can create budgets, forecasts and business plans and keep track of leads within QuickBooks in the lead centre. Another great feature is the document centre where you can store cheques and other important files by scanning or bringing them in from the computer. It has an enterprise solution capable of handling up to 30,000 users perfect for large scale businesses.

Cin 7: Best Inventory Management Software

Cin 7 is an online inventory, manufacturing and sales system for growing businesses. Using this software, you choose how you sell to your customers with Cin 7 comprehensive sales channel. It provides solutions even to the most complex business modules on a seamless system. Purchase is made easy while you can keep track of complex supplier consignments and report accurate landed costs.

It’s essential to make sure that you always have the right amount of stock to meet demand. Cin 7 makes it easy to forecast sales and replenish stock with flexible and automated reporting. It provides many useful reports such as ‘Sales Forecasting by Sales Period.’ To view historical deals by month, as well as your current Stock-on-Hand (SOH).

Cin 7 enables a business owner to know the profit and loss encountered at any point and time. The integration of the software with the accounting solution gives you an accurate cost of goods sold and landed costs calculations. That way, you get to analyze your transactions and calculate profit or loss received.


TradeGecko is one of the most powerful inventory management software for wholesale business owners to take complete control of their business. This cloud-based inventory management software-as-a-service (SaaS) aims to assist not only large-sized companies but also small to medium-sized companies. It helps one to manage inventory by keeping track of all the products you manufacture, sell and restock in different warehouse channels and locations.

Also enables you to sync orders from sales channels while using accounting software to increase efficiency. TradeGecko allows you to manage complete information of your customers and suppliers with a history of purchases and specific customer insights. With this software, you’re able to monitor actual sales, create business reports and make forecasts for future business moves. It provides analytics of business performance and automates activities that consume so much time so you can focus more on developing the brand. Employ these powerful tools by TradeGecko to scale your mobile phone accessories business.


Fishbowl Inventory is an inventory management software that integrates with QuickBooks. It is categorized into three products, namely, Fishbowl warehouse, Boxstorm Fishbowl manufacturing. Boxstorm is an app created by fishbowl for small businesses to scan barcodes, perform cycle counts, add inventory, create locations for storing stock and assign units of measure. Boxstorm has a paid-for version with more exciting features to help a business owner monitor sales and purchase orders, taxes, vendors and flow of stocks.


Holding inventory has a lot of benefits for whole sellers and other businesses. Moreover, using inventory management software is a cost-effective way of doing so. Apart from saving you a great deal of loss due to poor management, it will also save time so you can focus on developing your brand. Additionally, the best inventory management software helps to protect valuable data of all activities and transactions of a company for making reports, forecasts and proper management of a company. best inventory management

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