5 Mobile Phone Accessories to Release your Inner Nerd

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If you are a nerd, a geek or just someone looking to enjoy a little oddity and pop culture in their life, you better read on because we’ve run-down the best mobile phone accessories to help you showcase your inner nerd.

Flux Capacitor Wall Charger

Go back to the future with this Flux Capacitor Charger by Think Geek | Image courtesy of Laughing Squid

The future is here and it’s time for you to show some love to Dr. Emmet Brown and Marty McFly with this nifty Back to The Future inspired Flux Capacitor Wall Charger.

Don’t worry, it will charge your device to a full 100% and will not go back in time at 88% or would it?

Samsung VR Headset

Image courtesy of Amazon

VR-Headsets are now increasingly becoming more popular and affordable. This is the perfect device to really show off your nerdy side. The demand for apps for VR devices is increasing and even YouTube has fully adopted the VR concept by providing users with VR/360 videos.

Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

Turn your dreams of being in the Enterprise into a reality with this cool Star Trek Blue Tooth Communicator by The Wand Company

Show off how much of a Trekkie fan you are with this genius bluetooth communicator.

Imagine, walking down the streets and talking to your friends over the phone with this device, you’ll surely get everyone’s admiring attention.

This device boasts a fully-packed feature you can find in any bluetooth device, including some famous lines from Star Trek characters. It also comes with a cool looking leather pouch.

MOGA Pro Game Controller

Who says you can’t have the full gaming experience on your phone? Image courtesy of Engadget

If you’re addicted to video games, then the MOGA Pro Game Controller is for you.

It is a handheld gamepad controller you can connect to your mobile phones. Most smartphones right now are well capable of running HD games and the best way to enjoy games like these is by attaching it to a gamepad.

Additionally, popular gaming companies are consistently developing games that users can play across any device, such as your mobile phone. This device will definitely level-up your mobile gaming experience.

K.I.T.T. Car Charger

Image courtesy of Gizomodo

You’ll definitely feel like the Knight Rider with this K.I.T.T. car charger.

This device charges up your mobile device and comes with 11 pre-recorded phrases that will make you feel like K.I.T.T.’s actually talking to you.  It also has LED lights that are perfectly synced with the recordings.

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