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Brace yourself: iPhone 12 is coming

The iPhone 12 has made a big change to Apple’s smartphone, unlike the iPhone 11 series that offers very few features when it comes to upgrading.

With much more power inside and new camera modifications; these are some of the updates that are worth waiting and swooning for.

Are you ready for an upgrade? Is iPhone 12 a truly new phone or just an incremental upgrade? Is it worth it? These are some of the questions that you might hear, especially if you are a tech person and loves Apple products.

So this article is all about iPhone 12: release date, leaks, and what you need to know about the latest model.

Price: iPhone 12

It’s more likely to be broadly in line with the latest model that was previously released. For easy reference, the starting price of the iPhone 11 is $699, AU$199, and £729. The starting price of the iPhone 11 Pro begins at $999, AU$ 1,749, and £1,049. And for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the price begins at $1,099, AU$1,899, and £1,149.

Being that said, a report shows that price and cost for the iPhone 12 series’ production materials might increase, therefore this could only mean that price may even also be higher at retail.

Release Date: iPhone 12

As of today, there is no official release date information as yet for the iPhone 12. Apple launches its latest phone model metronomically, which is why it’s pretty obvious to know when it will officially be available. While yearly, there is a rumor of the changeable date, it is always launched in the same period.

First off, the latest iPhone date of release will almost be in September 2020 and mostly around the second week. So it’s safe to say that the unveiling of the iPhone 12 is on September 8, 2020. But due to the coronavirus pandemic that is greatly affecting the US and other countries in the world may create a massive impact on the iPhone 12 production.

Despite the threat of the COVID-19 the development is not affected, and still, reports are coming up that they are fully staffed up on the main manufacturing factories. In addition to this, an exec at Foxconn which is the main manufacturer of iPhone stated that the company hopes and aims to make up for lost ground.

But there are also rumors about the delay of the latest iPhone until October or November 2020. Some reports say that apparently, Apple has not even finalized the design this is as of March 2020. Another source says the launch of Apple 12 could be in 2021. Even Reuters also discussed the possibility of the delay.

Also, another source coming from a respected analyst says that the release date of the latest iPhone might be staggered by the model. This means the smaller gadgets may slip soon after launch yet while the larger devices may come out probably a month after. So I guess it will be a yes or no to the question “will it be delayed?”

Design: iPhone12

According to a huge design leak, similar to the iPhone 5, the upcoming iPhone 12 might have an angular design. If it’s true, the look might be schismatic. While on the other side, it looks similar to the iPad Pro series, so sleek and sophisticated. However, it’s more likely to give the user an uneasy feeling while holding it.

According to analysts, one iPhone upcoming might lock a notch. It has a front-facing camera most likely set to be engraved below the screen. So, if this will be pursued, it will be more likely to be the iPhone 12 model that could break a bank having the said feature. Most probably the iPhone 12 Pro Max or any phone it will soon launch.

Meanwhile, another leak spoiler suggests that Apple is developing a technology for the new Face ID. Having this said, it will give a potentially slimmer notch and more likely to be redesigned. Apple is making out many combinations which include minimizing the from-facing optics to fit perfectly in the top bezel.

A reputable leaker, Jon Prosser, shows four iPhone 12 models. All of them have the same notches. Besides, the smallest of the four models would have approximately a 5.4-inch screen that comes with the 6.1-inch model that is made up of an aluminum body. Another 6.1-inch model and 6.7-inch (which is the iPhone 12 Pro and the Pro Max) are said to be made up of stainless steel.

On the other hand, the Face ID will fully drop under the screen fingerprint scanner. Also, users might get not just a notch reduction or entire removal. Another analyst expects the metal frame to be closed as the iPhone 4’s frame and it won’t be curved just like the models now. Also, the overall design is probably to be different “significantly” to the current phone.

Bloomberg claims similar things, if you’re going to make an extensive comparison when it comes to the design of the iPad Pro, saying that iPhone 12 Max Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro will be having a flat stainless steel edge, flat screens, and more sharply rounded corners. Also, they point out some smaller notches on the four models.

When it comes to thickness, rumors said that it is said to be thinner for about 7.4mm thick meanwhile the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be 8.1mm thick.

Bottom Line

These are some of the most awaited iPhone 12’s rumors, leaks, and details. Regardless, if you want to upgrade your phone, make sure to check these out to figure out if the new phone is worth spending a dollar or just hype.

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