Choosing the Right Phone Holder

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Using a mobile phone inside your car is inevitable, whether you are listening to music or answering urgent calls. Whatever the reason is, having your phone attached in a safe mount is always the best idea. As a driver, you must not take off your eyes on the road for a long time. Of course, safety purposes are the main reason it must be appropriately placed wherein it will not block your visibility while driving or won’t cause any distractions by looking at your phone from time to time. Having a phone holder inside your car will allow you to navigate apps and charge conveniently having less hassle.

Taking into account the safety of the driver and passengers while driving your car raises this vital question, “what do you need to consider before buying a phone holder?” Of course, if you search for the “best phone holder,” you will be flooded with lots of answers by the search result recommending their world-class features like stability and easy charging.  

There are many phone holder models available in the market, so if you are still can’t decide which one is to pick. This article is for you.  

Do you need a mount for your phone?

Before getting the best mount for your car, you might wonder if you need this one or it’s just a waste of money for your car’s accessories. If you spend more than an hour a day driving your car or will have a long drive, then the answer is yes. Of course, arriving safely to your destination is the main priority. That is why, it is much safer to put your phone in the mount rather than holding it while driving, or peeking on it from time to time lying on the passenger seat or elsewhere near the gear level. Even if you are in a safe distance or not speeding, the car will move several meters in those moments when you take off your eyes on the road.

Another reason is that smartphones are quite expensive today. Placing them on a safe holder will avoid them from sliding or falling on the floor every time you step on the car’s brake.

Methods and place of attaching the holder in your car

The criteria for choosing a car smartphone holder must be crucial for both functionality and safety purposes. Meanwhile, the location or place where you mount the holder is vital for everyone’s safety. You don’t want your phone blocking your view while driving, and neither takes off your eyes for too long. However, you don’t want to compromise its function as well like navigating for maps. 

Having it said, both the method and place will also affect the stability of the phone’s screen when you approach uneven roads along the way.

Here are some of the most recommended and practical ways you might want to try on:

  • If you are the driver, the mount must be within your reach.
  • It must be placed in the middle or central part of your car.
  • It must be easy to mount in several places inside your car but needs to be fit with the model of your phone you are using.

Holders mounted on the dashboard.

This method has both advantages and disadvantages as when the holder got jammed to the windshield, and it can sooner damage the dashboard of your car.

Since there is no single standard for material used to cover the dashboard, it can easily stain the top of the dash because the board-mounted holders attached are often attached to it. Aside from that, it is apart from the suction cup, which is equipped with another adhesive material.

You will notice this when your car is going to stand a few days under the sun with no cover. The glue, which is supposedly not leaving any marks, might vulcanize along with the board. Another thing is that– the adhesive part is suitable for single use only. Meaning after removing it, it will not work so well compared before if you reuse it to a new place inside the car.

Holders mounted on the windshield.

This method has an advantage of possible easy attachment in any car model, but it has three significant drawbacks. Here’s what you need to know. First of all, the chance of limiting the driver’s view. It is a serious matter that some countries and other states have banned the use of this kind of method. Besides, in many cars, the place of the windshield is far from the driver’s reach, which needs the driver to adjust by leaning forward in able to reach above the dashboard every time the driver attached the phone in the holder. If you want to prove it yourself, you can try this when you are comfortably sitting.

Another thing is that suction cups are easily peeled off, and the rubber, which is the primary material that made them of crumbles over time, especially when exposed to the direct heat of sunlight.

The Stability

Stability of the phone in the holder is one of the critical parts for many users before making the final choice. You can test it if you drive along to bumpy road if the flexible and long arm of some handles will hold firmly your smartphone (whatever the model is).



The phone mount in the car is one of those many accessories that are decisive. However, choosing what is right for you might be a make or break as you need to consider the safety, functionality, and efficiency.

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