A Closer Look At Android 8.0

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The official name of the new Google mobile operating system is Android Oreo.

Android powered phones like Samsung Galaxy S8 will begin to update rollout of the new version Android 8.0 by early 2018 says Samsung Turkey.

The name was revealed on August 21 during the solar eclipse. It was released as the latest platform and confirmed by Google as officially available.



With the new version of Android 8.0, the speed is doubled with 2x the boot up time of your phones. Twice faster with an easy navigation and powered up Autofill feature to get you started quickly with your favorite apps.

Plus, it is made stronger with its enhanced security protection.


Super Power

The Picture in picture allows you to see more than one or two apps at the same time.

While the super power Notification dots lets you quickly see from a bird’s eye view.

So what’s in it for you?  A lot!

Have you had those times when you are receiving notifications at once and had trouble getting into those notifications that really matters the most? Now, you can quickly see what’s new.



Now, this! A super fan league of not your ordinary emojis. Android Oreo let’s yet pick an emoji that is fully redesigned. There are new emojis that let you transform into one of these fun filled characters.

Are you ready for the new Android Oreo? Of course. I can’t wait for my phone to get the update either.