Expert Tips on Buying Phone Accessories from Wholesaler

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As a mobile phone store owner, phone accessories is what your clients will be looking for more than just available cellphone units. They’ll also be interested in buying phone accessories from you. Finding the right kind of accessories for phones and buying them wholesale is your best bet to save money but with the number of wholesale sellers out there, how will you find quality phone accessories?


Tips from Industry Experts on Wholesale Phone Accessories


Finding the right selection of phone accessories is important if you want to get your money’s worth regardless of whether you’re just starting out on the resale business or have already spent a couple of years in the industry. Industry experts have come up with various tips on how to help other resellers to choose the right phone accessories to purchase for their shop or online store.


  • Feature popular items. Look for a wholesaler who offers impressive displays of their wares when you buy from them as this will help attract new customers to your store. Putting your best products on a display is a good way to market your shop to passersby, see example package below:
    attractive phone accessories package design


  • Watch the trend. The key to becoming a successful reseller of phone accessories is to know what your customers will be looking for ahead of time and stocking up on these products. The best approach to this is to keep in touch with salespeople in the mobile phone business to get the scoop on what’s hot and what’s not. Another good way to look for trend in phone accessories business is visit google’s trend page.


  • Spend money. If you want to make more money on phone accessories, you should be prepared to spend more. Traditional brands of accessories may sell like crazy but keep in mind that more and more people are becoming tech savvy and will no longer be keen on buying generic brand of accessories for their phone especially when they know that they’ll get a much better deal with the pricier accessories.


  • Make an inventory of your stocks so there won’t be any shortage of accessories for different phones. Monitor the number of accessories that you have on hand to determine if there is any shrinkage or over-ordering on your part. You need a software to help you track it, you can refer to Best Inventory Management Software in 2015


  • Order weekly or bi-weekly. You shouldn’t overthink the price of shipping. If you’re worried about over stocking because your sales are slow at the moment, you might miss out on better shipping deals.


Where to Find Quality Wholesale Phone Accessories?

The answer is right HERE in HLC Wholesale website, our new shipping policy just released as of March 2015, any order placed before 4pm between Mon to Friday will be ship out the same day! Of course another way is Google it, simply type: [Wholesale Phone Accessories] in the search box, you will be able to find lots of wholesalers.


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