IT Fashion Accessories You Should Try

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There is IT in every part of our lives. At work, we are working with computers, at home we are getting entertained by electronics, and even when we go to bed, we end the day by reading an eBook. How can you use all these electronics without being too geeky and dull? Accessorizing with IT and related items is one way of remaining fashionable using these gadgets. What IT fashion accessories can you rock this spring?

Phone charging purses

How would you like to carry your phone around while it is charging? The phone charging purse takes away the worry of forgetting phone chargers and power banks. The good thing is that the purse does not use a wired charger. You park the phone in a slot where it keeps charging as you go about your tasks. These cool bags are fashionably designed by Kate Spade.

Themed smartphone cases

A smartphone case is a very good fashion accessory.  You can have themed smartphone cases that spell out your fashion tastes. The good thing with accessorizing smartphone cases is that you can change the cases to match your outfit and purse. You can also have colorful patterns to match the blooming colors of spring.

Themed ear buds

If you spend a lot of time walking around with your buds plugged in, you can be fashionable as well by having colorful bright ones. You can match the colors with your outfit, nail polish or smartphone case.  Rock these buds and you are sure to attract curious glances.

Smartphone Finger ring

Have you ever been struck by a disaster of your smartphone slipping from your hand and shattering on the ground? Today’s smartphones are getting wider making it tiresome to lug them around in your hand which increases the chances of a slip and fall. Avoid this by getting a finger ring for the phone. It attaches to the back of the phone’s case. Finger rings come in silver, gold and other exciting colors.

Phone charging bracelet

Look cool with this bracelet that doubles up as a phone charger. With a 1000 mAh power bank, it can extend your smartphone’s battery life by up to 50%.  It comes in different colors to match your outfits and other accessories like the purse.

Watch bands

Do you like working out? Stay fashionable with wearable tech. this band connects to your smartphone to track your stats like how far you have walked/jogged,  your heart rate and other stats that perfect your workout.

Rock these IT accessories to stay fashionable and practical this spring. Check them out on