Flea Market Near Me: Do’s And Don’ts For Vendors

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Your decision to upgrade your sales and income opportunities by becoming a vendor is a great one and worth it. To help you maximize your profits as well as overall success, we have compiled some of the best selling tips for flea market vendors for you. These tips take the form of Dos and Don’ts to help you live your Flea Market Near Me vendor experience successfully, instead of stocking items with the hope that shoppers will show up.

Choose the Right Booth : Flea Market Near Me

Do look every local flea market near me and attend before choosing a booth to rent. Concentrate on what vendors display for sale and their prices. Evaluate the shoppers as you watch them and the goods they are most attracted to as well as those they really buy. If they are high-end vintage furnishings and are the category you are hoping to sell, then pay more attention and study everything about them in detail.

Do make inquiries to every flea market on your shortlist to know about the prices of rental booths, rules for different merchandise, the approval process, legal as well as tax requirements etc. Confirm if there is an available booth. You don’t have to focus on waiting for a specific market provided there is a waiting list of two years without your goods being approved.

Do everything to rent a booth close to the main entrance provided spaces are assigned. Flea market customers usually go from stall to stall in their first arrival, and once they get tired, a glance is all they do as they speed by. This typically happens in large flea markets. Flea Market Near Me

Selecting Merchandise to Sell: Flea Market Near Me

Do ensure that you only buy merchandise at pretty low prices in order to make a profit in a resale. What is more relevant is the profit you have to make and not how fantastic an item looks.

Do pay attention when it comes to trends in vintage and antique merchandise. If there is something hot at a particular moment, use it to lure customers into your booth by simply having it.

Do source a wide range of merchandise from multiple sources. If all you sell comes from one place, then once it dries up, you’ll go out of business.

Having Your Booth Set Up and Displaying Merchandise

Don’t wait for market days before you have your booth set up. Instead, be there early enough when vendors are supposed to arrive. There are lots of flea market shoppers that are always there to storm the gates immediately it gets open, which means you have to be there already and waiting for them in your booth.

Do arrive at your flea market before the gates are open to vendors in case the booth spaces are not yet assigned. This means you have to be one of the first in line in order to get a space close to the entrance.

Do cover your booth using a pop-up tent canopy. It helps your booth appear unique compared to others on either side. This looks more festive and attractive. During hot days, you and your customers will definitely appreciate the shade.

Interacting With Customers

Don’t even get upset when customers bargain. Haggling is a typical characteristic of a flea market, and shoppers are also aware that most sellers increase the prices of merchandise to give room for it. It’s a market culture there, and you won’t change it even if you don’t approve it. Just bear in mind that the power to sell at a particular price is yours and no shopper can force you to do otherwise.

Don’t stalk customers when they are browsing your booth. It’s rather pushy to do that, and many shoppers will assume that you are taking them for thieves. Instead, listening to everything they have to say and how they say it as well as taking note of their nonverbal body language will help you recognize when they want to chat.

Don’t attempt to sell customers random items when they are not expressing any interest in them. Doing that instead distracts them from concentrating on goods they might actually buy. This may cause them to flee to other booths.

Don’t send a shopper out of your booth simply because of their arrogant or aggressive haggling, except they are damaging merchandise or making other shoppers flee. When it’s about negotiating, such shoppers might be awkward because they are poor at haggling. It might just be a case of a rude human being with no idea of what haggling actually entails.

Running a Flea Market Business: Flea Market Near Me

Do upgrade your flea market business by incorporating a credit card option. Nowadays, it is something you can do using your smart phone regardless of whether your boat has electricity or not. Business is also about making it convenient for shoppers. That increases their interest in spending, especially in big-ticket items such as furniture.

Don’t assume the traffic at the flea market is everything. That’s important, but building a customer base for your booth via advertising will do wonders. Create your booth page on Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest and Twitter where you upload photos to the customer base you’ve built. Make a signup sheet available to shoppers to provide their email addresses to be able to get your newsletters plus announcements. Flea Market Near Me

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