Foldable Phone Accessories: The Ultimate Guide

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With the tech community excited about the new foldable Samsung and Huawei phones,  we took the time to find some of the best foldable Phone Accessories on the market today. From wireless keyboards, headsets, to solar battery chargers, check out the best foldable Phone Accessories below:

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard: Foldable Phone Accessories

Just being honest: The feel of tapping on a physical keyboard can’t be matched with a touchscreen. So, if you’re attempting to be more productive while on the go, you need the best foldable Bluetooth keyboards to stay on point.

What to look for?

The model portable keyboard will likely be smaller in scale than a typical desktop model, but the closer it is to the typical one, the more likely the keys will be sized and spaced comfortably for typing. You would want a portable keyboard that’s durable, but not heavy. Seek out a keyboard made from aluminum and high-quality nylon or plastic. Also, you would want a keyboard which is equipped with a powerful Bluetooth signal, a USB port, and impressive battery life.

Some good examples of Foldable Bluetooth keyboards that satisfy the above specifications based on our tests are:

Foldable Cell Phone Stand : Foldable Phone Accessories

credit to Yotece

Let’s face it: The majority of us spend most of our alone time with our smart devices. Whether be it watching a YouTube video, reading the news or making a video call, it can be a hassle to find the perfect position. Hence the foldable cell phone stand is one of the best foldable phone accessories

What to look for?

The foldable cellphone stand for you has to first live up to its name(it has to be foldable). This will save you plenty of space and make it easy to carry while traveling. You would want a stand compatible with 4 to 10 Inches devices. It should be built solid and durable with aerospace aluminum. An anti-slip pad and feet should be present to keep your devices in place while in use and protect your devices from random scratches and sliding.

Some good examples of Foldable cell phone stands that satisfy the above specifications based on our tests are:

Foldable Stereo Headset: Foldable Phone Accessories

credit ti Bee Clean Products

Have you ever struggled with huge headphones that you love but cannot carry them around because of their size? Well, what you need is a pair of foldable headphones. They close up to half their size and sit amicably in the corner of your bag.

What to look for?

The best foldable headphones fold in a way that makes them portable; either by folding their arms or others even have folding earcups. The compactness and portability of these should not come at the cost of comfort. Fold-ability should also not cost durability; avoid the plastic headphones that cannot bear the weight of moving cups. Noise cancellation, removable cables, inline controls, should also be some of the features you would want to consider when picking the ideal foldable earphones.

Our pick:

Folding Wireless Charger: Foldable Phone Accessories

credit to ZIGLINT

As far as convenience is concerned, nothing beats wireless charging. You drop your phone onto the charging pod and walk away. Long gone is the headache of managing cables that inevitably break or get lost.

What to look for?

Nowadays, you only have one factor to consider when choosing a wireless charging pad: Does it support fast charging? The packaging for most wireless chargers will show its speed. Inspect the wattage speed on the box or in the specification listing of the charger, then compare that with the specs at which your phone can charge. Hence the Folding Wireless Charger is one of the best foldable phone accessories

Our pick:

Foldable Solar Charger For Cellphones

credit to Pema Originals

Foldable Solar Charger For Cellphones doesn’t require external electrical sources to recharge your batteries. Solar cells generate no emissions, waste or byproducts — freedom of movement and environmental friendliness.

What to look for?

For the right foldable solar charger, efficiency is key. It should be able to automatically adjust the current and voltage to achieve maximum power, delivering its fastest possible current under direct sunlight. It should also be able to charge multiple devices at a go.  As the weather is unpredictable, it best be waterproof.

Our pick:

Charger With Foldable Plug: Foldable Phone Accessories

credit to anker

What to look for?

This ultimate travel companion should be Smaller than a golf ball and equipped with a foldable plug with all-round protection for you and your devices

The best charger with foldable plug should come with exclusive Technology- detect your devices and adjusts voltage output accordingly, delivering a specified, optimized charge. They should support simultaneous charging: Charge any two devices at the same time..

Our pick:


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