The Future Of Mobile Phones

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Mobile phones were not discovered until forty-one years ago by Martin Cooper, an engineer at Motorola who has ambitious idea of phones being carried anywhere you go. True enough, in 1973, Cooper became the father of the cell phone. April 1973 was the birth of the first ever mobile phone.

We can see how mobile phones evolved in today’s modern technology.  New smartphones appear here and there, competing in the market. Big companies like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, and others have introduced new designs and mobile features that address the need of the users.


The Future

The concept of mobile phones in the future from its designs to its features is expected to fit in the lifestyle of users and will be much more embedded in their day to day lives. Some of the exciting things to look forward to are:

1.Holographic Display

It is number one in the list. Sci-fi movies like Ironman were seen to have provided us a glimpse of the future mobile phone displays.

There were in fact rumors of iPhone 8 to have included a holographic functionality. Nonetheless, we may have to wait and find out what’s in store in the future.

2.Flexible Phones

A screen that can be reshaped and more robust phone that can be folded by the user. Designer Tapani Typhanen, Director of Nokia’s Research Center introduced The Morph, phones which can be wrapped around your wrist.

3.Pal Phone

In the past, you use your phones to find new pals called “phone pal”. Now smartphones are there to remind us everything we need to be reminded of from alarm to calendar appointments, etc.

So it is not far to interact with mobile phones in a new level. Apple could have Siri, who knows what else will come next. It could be a whole different kind of pal embedded in your phones to greet you every morning when you wake up, or can become your assistant who will help you from sending emails, leaving recorded messages or who can even answer for you when you are away.

It is not far from impossible, in fact, latest smartphone Operating Systems like Android and iOS have made our lives easier.