How To Clean Your iPhone and Android Phone Safely

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Cleaning your iPhone or Android phone can be tricky, considering some methods could potentially cause problems and damage your device. However, if you are really concerned about cleaning your phone, you’d want to make sure you are going to do it safely.

In this article, we share some tips on how to clean your iPhone and Android phone safely without damaging it or its display.

Disinfecting wipes are fine.

Avoid using aerosol sprays, bleaches, or abrasives and don’t spray cleaning agents directly to your mobile phone. Instead, try using a Clorox wipe or isopropyl alcohol wipe.

If you need to sanitize your iPhone, Apple says it’s safe to wipe the display and exterior surfaces like its screen with a Clorox Disinfectant Wipe or 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe. But you should never submerge your phone in a cleaning product. Also, be careful to avoid getting moisture in any openings, like the charging port.

Cleaning agents such as bleach or chlorine are too harsh and could strip away the screen’s coating on your phone. Most phones usually have a coating on them to prevent oil or grease from user’s hands from sticking on the phone. 

Using alcohol directly on the glass of your phone is not safe and can damage it. 

Using an antimicrobial cleaning cloth is the easiest method.

Perhaps, the easiest and safest method of cleaning your phone is using a soft, lightly-dampened microfiber cloth. Apple mentioned in their support page that wiping phone with a soft, lint-free cloth is safe. 

Slightly dampen the cloth with lukewarm water and then gently wipe the screen and other surfaces of your phone. 

The Samsung Galaxy S20, iPhone 11, Huawei Mate 30 Pro and other similar models have an IP68 rating, which means they are water-resistant. These phones are designed to withstand immersion in water at a depth of 1.5 m for 30 minutes.

Most modern phones now are water-resistant, but you should still be cautious when exposing them to water or any liquids. Make sure to not allow the water to get into the openings of your phone such as the charging port or speaker. Too much water can damage the display and cause issues with your iPhone or Android phone.

Make sure to also unplug any accessories and turn off your phone before cleaning it. Leave it dry out fully before turning it back on again.  

If the water or liquid gets into your iPhone, you can get help from an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store. 

UV light might be effective but it is optional.

Experts suggest another method to sanitize your phone through a UV phone sanitizer.  It’s a relatively small box that beams your phone with UVC light to sanitize and clean it. However, if alcohol wipes and washing your hands will do just fine, you won’t probably need this. Plus, it’s less expensive and a practical method.

If you want to go for it, you can find different UV phone sanitizers on Amazon or eBay and purchase one online.

If you’re using phone cases, clean it too. Or simply replace it.

Cleaning products are ill-advised on your phone device, but you may be able to do so on its case, depending on the material it’s made from. Phone cases can carry a host of dirt or bacteria, so it is important to clean them regularly.

Different types of cases need a different type of cleaning too. If you choose to clean your phone cases, remove it first from your iPhone or Android phone.

Plastic or silicone cases can be cleaned by soaking it in a soap and water solution. Rinse it off with water. For leather cases, damp the microfibre cloth with soapy water solution and wipe it clean. Wood cases need to be cleaned using water and vinegar solution followed by rinsing off with water.

Some of you might be using screen protectors to keep your phones safe. If your phone has a screen protector, you can wipe your display with disinfecting cleaning wipes. Alternatively, you can change your screen protector regularly or replace it especially if you have been using it for a long time. 

And of course, always keep your hands clean.

Your mobile phone can pick up more bacteria from your hands. And it doesn’t make sense cleaning your phone if your hands aren’t.  

Who else listens to music while showering? Remember to wash your hands especially if you bring your phone in the bathroom.

Wrap Up

Overall, it’s just being mindful of where you put your phone and how you’re using it. Hopefully, you learned some useful ideas on how to safely clean and sanitize your mobile phone.

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Are you regularly cleaning your phone more regularly? Got some more tips that are not on the list? What other methods do you have to clean your iPhone and Android phones? Let us know in the comments below!