How to Keep your Phone Coronavirus-Free

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Coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire around the world, making an abrupt increase drastically. The disease was declared by the World Health Organization or (WHO) as a pandemic disease, creating a massive number of infected people every day. 

And now, many people will need to help and make particular actions in helping to lessen its transmission. Aside from the basic like washing of hands regularly, social distancing, and staying at home protecting your making your phone clean is also an imperative step to prevent yourself from the deadly virus.

Protect Yourself by Cleaning Your Mobile Phone

As of 2020, there are about 4.78 billion total numbers of mobile phone users around the world. Imagine if half of them got infected with the coronavirus? What would be the effect? You might not see the importance of cleaning your mobile phone devices until a pandemic comes.

Everyone use phoned for about constantly every day, whether if you are updating your social media, replying to a message, checking email, and browsing a website. Studies reveal that the COVID-19 can last to different surfaces up to several days depending on conditions and this includes your phone.

For sure, your mobile phone is one of the frequent things that can potentially reach your face, such as answering a call, or using your phone, then accidentally you touch your face. Meaning, any germs, bacteria, and viruses that make its way onto the surface of your phone or case could easily enter into your skin.

While washing your hand for about 20 seconds can help you in preventing the deadly virus, but what about cleaning and disinfecting your phone?

Make Sure you Clean it the Right Way

Fortunately, the good news is the cleaning and disinfecting your phones is now becomes easier. Regardless if you are an iPhone user or a Samsung owner, we got you covered. We provide complete guidelines on how to clean your electronic gadgets effectively without creating any damage to them.

For iPhone Users

Apple had discouraged previously all users from cleaning an iPhone using a disinfectant wipe or an alcohol-based product as they might damage the coating or screen of the device. But now, Apple finally says Ok to clean and disinfect your iPhone using a disinfectant wipe; the company is giving an approval amid the increasing trajectory of numbers of infected people all over the world caused by the coronavirus.

The maker of iPhone noted on its webpage for cleaning Apple products the approval of use of Clorox disinfecting wipes or any similar product that contains at least 70% isopropyl alcohol to as “gently” wipe the hard non-porous surfaces. It includes the keyboards, exterior surfaces, and display. 

Never use bleach as a cleaning aid. You need also to prevent any opening to enter moisture and never submerge any Apple devices to any cleaning agents. Also, never use leather or fabric to the surface.

You can also use these cleaning tips provided by Apple.

  • Don’t over wipe it might cause damage.
  • Use only soft lint-free cloth. Avoid towels, paper towels, abrasive cloths, and other similar items.
  • Avoid getting any moisture build-up to any openings.
  • Don’t use bleaches, abrasives, and aerosol sprays.
  • When cleaning, make sure to unplug devices, external power sources, and cables.
  • Unless noted for specific products, make sure to keep all forms of liquids away from your device.
  • Don’t spray cleaning agents directly onto your device.

You can visit the support webpage of Apple to know more

For Samsung Users

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Remove any cover or case.
  • Unplug any accessories.
  • Using a soft lint-free microfiber cloth to wipe the exterior surface of the phone.

Samsung Company warns users against using liquid cleaning agents directly applied on devices as they might damage the cell phone unit, most especially the oleophobic coating that helps in protecting the display from any fingerprint smudges. 

Any form of liquids or water might even get inside the open spaces, mostly on mobile devices that do not contain an IP rating such as the Galaxy Z Flip model. As a result, you may damage your phone. 

For cleaning and disinfecting your phone, you may dampen a corner of your cleaning fabric using a small amount of disinfectant or distilled water.

You can also apply alcohol-based products (formulated with more than 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol) and hypochlorous acid-based (50-80ppm) solutions and gently wipe the front and back of your phone without exerting too much pressure. 

Avoid wiping the phone extremely. Samsung is being careful also with applying spray bleaches, or compressed air or using liquid solutions directly on mobile devices. These particular cleaning solutions are made for ceramic, metal surfaces or glasses, and not for soft accessories such as products made from materials like leather, plastic, and rubber.

Also, if you are using protective covers or cases on your phone, it is always a good idea to clean and disinfect them together with your phone. 

Bottom Line

Prevention is the best way to combat the situation, don’t leave your phone exposed on certain surfaces when you are outside of your home and never let it touched by anyone. After all the cleaning, don’t forget to wash your hands and disinfect properly.

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