How to waterproof your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy

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2014 Holidays is here, while you planning your dream vacation, visiting beautiful beaches, please be sure to bring one of the most important accessories for your phone – Waterproof Case.

No doubt that the feature of water and dust proofing has been one of the important features for most of the Smart phones like Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone. Now you don’t have to worry about the dusting and the water getting into your Smartphone, as most of the company has come up waterproof case for iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and other Smartphones as well. It has become the past thing of worrying about such thing when it comes to your Smartphone waterproofing and dust proofing.


But that doesn’t mean that you should be carefree about your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Many people don’t know that the entire phone has got a two digit number code which is called the IP code of the phone, which determines the protection level of the phone against dust and water. Most of the iPhone models and Samsung Galaxy had a good one of the best IP code, but still getting a waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy or iPhone should be used, to give it maximum waterproofing.


There are thousands of options for waterproof cases for iPhone or waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy and another Smartphone as well. But apart from having a waterproof case, make sure that the port of your Smartphone is tightly closed. Before buying a waterproof case, make sure that it gets tightly fit to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy; so that you don’t have to worry if sudden water has been accidentally sprayed on it or felt down in small amount of water. Quickly remove it from the water; if suddenly it gets into the water, so that the hair that is done is less.


Remember that most of the phone is not resisted by the sea water; so if you are having a holiday on beach, then make sure that you have sealed your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy in a plastic cover, even though you have a waterproof case in your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. You have to take care of it as the warranty won’t be applicable if water does the damage and you need to spend make to repair it. No matter what is the IP code rating of your Smartphone, it is important that you should have waterproof cases for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, no matter what. If you like your phone to be stylish, then choose from thousands of waterproof cases for iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and get a different look anytime you want.