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Since the iphone six fever has hit the market, the whole world is going gaga over this new avatar of Apple. The phone has been launched by Apple some days back and has ever since been popular among the iphone fans. The iphone 6 is very stylish and expensive as well. To add style to the phone, a lot of accessories are available in the market. The accessories tend to give a more elegant and distinctive look to your iphone and will make you stand out from the crowd.Iphone 6 accessories come in different types and will suit every customers specifications. There are surface and screen protectors available which are designed exclusively for the iphone 6. There are surface protectors that protect the phone from any kinds of scratches if it accidentally falls or slips from your hands. These protectors also prevent the phone from slipping from your hands by providing a firm grip on them. The surface of the protector is somewhat rough, and this gives a good grip to the fingers. These Iphone 6 accessories are easy to put in and remove from the phone. There are screen protectors that protect the phones screen from any scratches and marks and retain its clear, spotless look. These protectors are very light and do not burden you by putting extra weight on the phone.There are many iphone 6 accessories which are unique. There are polycarbonate shell covers with a metal coating which are transparent and make the beautiful iphone 6 body visible to everyone and at the same time protecting it also. These are super-stylish covers designed exclusively for the iphone 6. There are colorful charging cables and sync cables which you can purchase according to your specifications and the color of your phone. These cables can be purchased in the color matching your phones color and will add grace to its look. Then there is an amazing glass screen protector which is extremely transparent and invisible. This protector is made up of high-quality tempered glass and actively protects your phones screen and display. At the same time, it does not hamper the touch sensitivity and image clarity of the phone and gives an invisible protection to the phones screen. Iphone 6 ear pods are also available with us which give your ears the amazing clear sound they want to hear. These ear pods are sweat and water resistant and are one of the popular iphone 6 accessories.