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iPhone X September 2018 New Release Predictions & Accessories Wholesale Source

Learn more about the rumors, estimations and expectation concerning Apple’s new long-awaited release. Not one, but 3 new exciting iPhone X models!

If you are like many iPhone fans out there, this is probably a very exciting time for you.

Tech enthusiasts everywhere have been keeping a keen eye for information concerning a new iPhone X release in September 2018. As you probably can guess, Apple’s new product launch has received with a lot of media buzz, and consumers, as well as industry insiders alike,  are actually speculating as to what people can indeed expect from Cupertino’s giant.

Keep reading to find out more about the most common predictions and accessories for the possible new release of the iPhone X in September 2018.

For months, people have been speculating about new iPhone releases, but recently, we finally got to receive some news from Apple itself. While some expected the iPhone X to be succeeded by another model, we are actually seeing the release of 3 new addiction!

On the surface, these new iPhone X models might look very similar to the other phones in the Apple famed line. However, there is a lot that lies under the hood. These new models have been dramatically improved in many ways, and the design choices adopted by Apple are a direct response to the feedback of their customers throughout the years. If you already know and love iPhone products, updating to one of the new iPhone X models will be an absolute no-brainer. However, this phone could also be an excellent product for those users who are actually new to the brand and to iPhones in general. In other words, if you are considering switching to an Apple phone, this might be the right time for you to do so!

The introduction of 3 new models

On September 12, Apple actually announced that the Apple X will be officially joined in by 3 new models: the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. Each and every single one of these new iterations of the iPhone X follows different concepts and focus on different things, meaning that users will be able to choose which feature is worth the price. The most affordable model in the new series will be the iPhone XR. This phone has the lowest storage capacity of all 3, but it is still an iPhone, every bit of it! On the other hand, the iPhone XS could be described as the mid-price model of the line, starting at $999, just like the previous iPhone X. Last, but decidedly not least, the iPhone XS Max is the most expensive addition to the line, starting at a whopping $1,099.

Although the XR is the cheapest model, it is by no means a low-budget phone, and it features excellent build qualities, as well as the extensive set of high-quality features that you would expect from Apple. What is really interesting about these 3 models is definitely the fact that the decision of revamping the X series with 3 new options could be seen as a way for Apple to truly taste the market. Are people going to spend money on a phone that’s over a grand? Any company that would have put out a phone with such a price tag even just 5 years ago would have been considered insane, but today, the market is quite different. People rely on their smartphone as extensively as ever, and we use these devices for so many purposes – from basic communication to online banking, working tasks, household technology interfacing, and a lot more. People who need an iPhone that’s powerful enough to handle multiple tasks will definitely enjoy the XS Max, and will certainly be willing to front the bill.

New features to look forward to:

One of the most exciting features of the new iPhone models is definitely the camera, which will actually become more “intelligent.” A new powerful bionic chip is known as A12, as well as a series of clever algorithms will allow the camera to detect people’s faces and body parts with unprecedented accuracy. This will enable really straight-forward tagging, as well as implementing image correction, red-eye reduction, and many other effects. The photo editing power will also be greater than before, especially in portrait mode, where users will be able to modify many aspects of the shot, including managing the background blur (the famed “bokeh” effect) even after snapping the shot!

As mentioned before, the A12 bionic chip is probably going to be the biggest innovation on these phones. This chip is one of Apple’s latest major innovations, and it is actually the first 7nm processor currently available on the market. The construction of these phones will also kick things up a notch, since Apple used surgical-grade stainless still and as they claimed, “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone” in a bid to enhance the durability of their models. If you know how frustrating it is to buy a rather expensive phone and crack the screen just days or weeks later, you are probably not alone. The most recent build materials adopted for these 3 new iPhone X models might certainly help with that and is Apple is true to its claim, you can expect some of its sturdiest models to date.


In conclusion, there is really a lot of incredible potential here, and even though these iPhones were announced just a couple of days ago, there is already a massive online buzz surrounding these long-awaited products, and people are already taking to the internet to find the best way to secure their preferred iPhone, perhaps hoping to save some bucks with wholesale prices and other special offers!

Regardless of what we can expect from Apple in September 2018, one thing is for sure: the company has an excellent track record for delivering high-quality products, and hopefully, this won’t be an exception.

For additional information, as well as for a great wholesale source, please check out this  link.