What To Look For In A Power Bank

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Most people can agree that there is nothing as frustrating as walking around with a dead phone. A portable power bank charger has become the ultimate solution for anyone worried about a dead device. Before power banks, individuals were forced to invest in spare batteries, which was impractical and expensive. Power banks have become modern necessities that allow individuals to charge their phones at any location at any given time. If you are in the market for a new power bank, here is what you should look for:


Size and capacity

The power bank capacity is measured in “milli-ampere-hours” (mah). Most power banks in the market have capacities that range from 2,000mah to 20,000mah. Therefore, your usage, preference or needs will determine what capacity you should invest in.

Because it can be a little difficult trying to determine what capacity will make sense for you, you should know that the higher the mAH rating, the larger the capacity of the power bank. For daily use, consider purchasing a capacity of 1500 mAH, which will be sufficient for a single phone.

The quality

Like all electronic devices out there, power banks also have differing qualities. There have been numerous cases of counterfeit banks in the market that have even caused deaths as a result of explosions. The general rule of thumb is that you should invest in a well-known brand or manufacturer because safety should always be your top priority. Avoid buying power banks, or any electronics for that matter, from unverified sellers. It might cost you a little extra to purchase from a reputable seller but it is worth it for your peace of mind.

The features included

It is not just important to buy a quality portable charger, but it is also critical to look for any added features that will provide value or enhance your user experience. For instance, some power banks come with handles to make it easier to carry around. Some are also embedded with an LED light which can be activated in the dark.


Because power banks are supposed to be easy to carry around, portability is a huge factor to consider when buying battery banks. Ensure that whichever model that you settle on is small and handy enough to move from place to place.

Charge time

The amount of time that it will take you to fully charge your power bank will depend largely on its capacity. Therefore, the smaller the capacity the shorter it will take to fully re-charge.


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