Mobile Accessories That Are Necessary To Your Everyday Life

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Just look at the number of mobile accessories that are flooding the markets—it seems as if everyone out there is producing one every day. Alas! Some of them are so ridiculous, some don’t do what they have to, yet some are pretty intuitive and amazing.


Cases, skins and pouches

This is a must have – you don’t want your new cell phone to get scratched, especially since you just can’t let go of it even for a minute! Cases made of leather or plastic protect those sensitive items. These cases give that extra layer of protection and also add a bit of extra style. Mobile skins are available in a variety of colors and designs and help to give a new look to your old phone. You can change the skin as often as you want in keeping with your moods.

Screen protectors

These come in the form of thin, adhesive shields that do what they say—protect your screen. There are also some unusual ones that help filter blue light that prevents people from feeling sleepy after staring at their cell phones for long durations. If you just want to surf the Web, read or text, it’s a good thing to have around.


 Travel Charger

Just imagine if your cell phone dies on you while you’re on the go and there’s no mobile outlet to charge it. Not to worry, this travel charger doesn’t require an outlet as it generates power when a small handle is cranked. So now you can still be connected even if your battery conks out. A real life-saver that. This green charger is a good option for Eco- conscious people.



You can’t do without these and manufacturers realize that—with every mobile phone, a headset is always included. In case you’re one of those who plug in to listen to music even while walking, then you can get headphones with mic -these are comfortable and a secure fit. A Bluetooth headset is great when your hands are otherwise occupied.



How often has it happened—you’re walking and talking and suddenly the signal disappears because of a poor network? Adding a booster will help amplify the strength of the signal and you’ll never know when there’s a drop—you can continue talking even if the network signal is poor.


Cell phone cleaning products

A smudgy screen is a nuisance. Screen shine and screen-wiping cloths will keep those screens clear and good to look at.


Memory Cards

Gone are the days when cell phones were used only for talking and texting—now they are mini media centers that allow you to store photos, watch movies and videos, listen to songs—anything that you did on the poor, now outdated PC. As all this means increased storage space, memory cards are a must. With internal phone memories ranging from 2-32GB and still being inadequate, memory cards give you more space by adding another 32 GB to your storage. Cool, right?


USB data cable

Cell phone users are addicted to their devices and today it allows them to do almost everything they want from listening to music, downloading songs, storing pictures—ah! Even capturing them! When you do so, you’ll want to download all of those onto your computer, archive them or upload them to the cloud. The USB data cable is a really nice device that allows you do this.

With almost 4.3 billion cell phone users in the world and increasing, cell phones and even their accessories are no longer the luxuries they once were.