Mobile Phone Accessories In 2020, What’s Coming?

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The mobile phone accessories industry is a very competitive business field. Big corporations work tirelessly to come up with new concepts and improve features of mobile phone accessories, to satisfy tech-savvy consumers. This year is no different as manufacturers are stepping on each other’s necks to create the best mobile phone accessories in 2020. Most of the upcoming innovations have amusing features with irresistible qualities such as stylish designs, durability, affordability and efficiency.

If you’re curious about what’s coming, here is a compiled list of 10 best mobile phone accessories in 2020.

Nighthawk Mk62 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System

Anyone that hates slow internet speed should get this nighthawk mesh Wi-Fi 6 system. This super-fast router is manufactured by Netgear to enable customers to connect multiple devices and share a fast internet speed. It was designed purposely for AR/VR gaming and family use but is capable of doing more. With Wi-Fi 6 technology and 5.4 Gps speed, one can connect devices, stream HD videos and download at a higher speed in mobile phones and PCs.

image credit to netgea
Special features
  • Nighthawk home mesh has an extensive coverage up to 3000 sq. Ft. thus, getting rid of dead zones
  • It is capable of delivering fast and powerful 1.8 Gbps internet speed to more than 25 connected devices for surfing, downloading or streaming HD videos.
  • The router works perfectly with any internet provider, and that includes compatibility with cable satellites and more
  • It is wired with 2 GB Ethernet ports
  • There is no need to share your network password while sharing internet connection with family and friends
  • No buffering


Tech Pouch

Storing your gadgets in one place when you step out, is now possible with the tech pouch manufactured by Peak Design. You can organize all mobile phone gears or accessories with ease and quick access. The black-coloured product is lightweight and measures 3.9 x 9.4 x 5.9 inches. It is made from high-quality 200D Nylon, Polyester and coated by TPU, EVA Foam, Hypalon and Nylon webbing that is woven tightly. The bag includes stash pockets on the top and side parts which are soft-lined and zippered.

image credit to peakdesign
  • The internal design of the bag makes it easy to organize items without taking up much time
  • The materials used to construct it are durable and long-lasting.
  • It makes the mobile phone accessories look elegant and neatly organized
  • It has a cable pass-through, for charging devices easily
  • The 200D Nylon fabric is weatherproof and easy to clean
HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer : mobile phone accessories

There is no need to hire a photographer any more thanks to this photo printer manufactured by HP. The printer comes with a setup card containing instructions for use and enables you to print photos on the go. Other items included in the package are ten sheets of HP Zink Sticky-Backed Photo Paper and calibration card for the best printing quality, and a USB cable for charging the printer. The charging cable is connected to a computer or USB adapter and takes a maximum of 90 minutes to charge the printer fully.

To connect with your mobile device;

  1. Open a web browser in your smartphone and search then download the Sprocket mobile App.
  2. Install App in your phone ready for use.
  • Load the ten sheets of Zink sticky-backed photo paper into the calibration card.
  1. Afterwards, remove the top cover and insert the card on into the printer. Return the cap, then power on the printer.
  2. Lastly, connect it to your mobile phone device via Bluetooth to print your photos.
  • It connects with mobile phones via Bluetooth
  • The device is compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • Allows a user to take and print new photos, saved photos from social media platforms and those from the camera roll
Anker PowerPort Compact Wall Charger

Looking for a portable, fast charger for all phone types? Look no further for you’ve found it. The 2.5 ˣ 2.4 ˣ 1.1 inches Anker PowerPort wall charger is the best option when it comes to charging any kind of phone, be it an Android, iOS or Windows phone. PowerPort compact wall charger can charge a mobile phone very fast by providing up to 12 W of power. It offers maximum charging speed for any genuine USB cable.

  • Possess high voltage and temperature control, so it does not get heated
  • Has universal compatibility as it works well with all type of phones and tablets
  • It is very small and portable- perfect for travelling
  • Delivers 18W power for fast charging
Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset

What a fun way to make in-game trash talks and calls with Arctis 1 wireless gaming headphone with a detachable microphone. This headset, manufactured by SteelSeries, connects well with android phones and PCs. The connection can be wireless and sometimes through a tiny USB-C dongle. This award-winning headset includes all useful features needed for gaming.

  • There is a wireless connection with PCs and PlayStation 4
  • Highly compatible with Android phones and Nintendo Switch gaming consoles
  • Provides quality sounds
  • They have soft ear pads which provide a very comfortable feeling when you wear them

Mophie 3-In-1 Wireless Charging Pad

This is a must-have tool for Apple devices users. It measures 10.2 ˣ 5.4 ˣ 2.6 inches and weighs 1 pound- the ideal size to carry around. The wireless charging pad is capable of charging three devices all at once while delivering maximum power to all of them. It charges your device very fast while keeping it in place with a stylish and elegant looking fabric.

  • It is covered by an Ultrasuede fabric to add a sense of style
  • The wireless charging pad is capable of charging an iPhone, Air Pods and Apple Watch at the same time
  • Assured fast charging speed for users
Incase Textured Hardshell Case for Macbook Pro
  1. Protect your MacBook from scratches, dust and water with the Textured Hardshell case manufactured by Incase. Apart from keeping your MacBook safe, this case makes a perfect accessory for MacBook pro variants. The material used to make the case adds a neat, stylish and elegant look to your device. The fabric comes in black, navy blue and dark grey colour therefore giving you a wide range of choices.


  • It is a callous and durable polycarbonate shell for your MacBook
  • Made of durable dubbed Woolnex fabric woven by using polyester
  • Available in pink colour only for 13 inch MacBook Pro
Charming Roll Bot
  1. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Proctor & Gamble’s Charming Lab comes up with a life-saving device to bring you toilet paper when you’re in the bathroom. Many of us rushed to the toilet with our smartphones at least once. In that occasion you might forget to check if the toilet paper roll is in place, only to find out once you’re done relieving yourself. Charming brings to you a Roll Bot that works with your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection to save you the despair.
  • The roll bots have infrared odour sensors which help a user to plan by checking how the toilet smells before you go in
  • It is controlled by a smartphone via Bluetooth connection to navigate around the house and deliver a toilet paper to you

Moon Ultra
  1. Sometimes smartphone photos may not come out as well as you expect them to due to poor lighting. The Moon Ultralight source has been designed to solve that problem. It offers powerful light whenever you need to capture the perfect photo alone or with your loved ones. It is also a resourceful tool for people with darker skin tones that are not favoured by cooler light features found in most smartphones.


  • The light source is tiny and sensitive to touch
  • It has a clip-on design to help smartphone attachment
  • Offers powerful light for capturing photos
Roland Go: Livecast
  1. If you have a mobile production studio, Roland Go: Livecast is a must-have accessory. Vloggers can now create a reputable profession by making live stream content using their smartphones. For a person aiming at making improvements to his/her webcasting, GO: LIVECAST has the best features to make that happen. Through this live streaming studio for smartphones, you’ll be able to engage fully with your audience and connect to all social media accounts such as YouTube, Facebook Live and Twitch.


  • It can support various input and output options such as XLR
  • It contains a built-in microphone
  • This Livecast by Roland Go has plenty of control options to enable producers and streamers to cue up sound effects, mix audios and display titles
  1. Stay up to date with the best mobile phone accessories in 2020 and enjoy all they have to offer. Utilize the new features included to find out how resourceful your mobile phone can be. Make side hustles through your smartphone to earn an extra income by using the best mobile phone accessories this year, 2020.

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