Must Have Mobile Device Accessories for the Women in Our Lives

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Women are truly amazing creatures.  They’re delicate yet able to handle immense pressure.  We have seen them dominate the workplace while maintaining a household.  They are born multitaskers.  There are times when they seem soft and fragile, but they can rise up as a force that cannot be contended with when defending their loved ones.

The reality is that we don’t really understand the women in our lives.  It can be difficult to understand their mood swings, or how “okay” isn’t really okay, and how you could spend hours in a shopping mall trying to buy one single thing.  But all of these qualities make them even more endearing to us somehow.

Never miss the chance to show your love and appreciation for the wonderful women in your life.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, aunt, or daughter.  Take whatever opportunity you can get to remind them that they are loved and reassure them of their value in your life.  This will surely help them in getting through life’s challenges when women are objectified and still fighting for equality.

What better way to show them your appreciation than to buy them something fashionable yet functional at the same time, something that embodies their versatility?

Portable Power Charging Purses


Image courtesy of Everpurse

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand how women love bags yet keep forgetting things – such as a charger or power bank – even if there is clearly plenty of room in their bags for these essentials.

Worry no more!  Thanks to the Everpurse you won’t have to worry about hearing a “Subscriber cannot be reached” message when you’re trying to call them just because they forgot to charge and forgot to bring their mobile charger or power bank.

Everpurse Kate Spade Small Harmony Nouveau Neutral $265.00 USD available at the Everpurse website

It’s not even complicated to use at all!  So, you won’t have to worry about explaining the technology of things to your mom, wife or daughter. All they need to do is put their mobile device inside the Everpurse and it will automatically charge the device wire-free and even on the go.

You won’t even have to force them to use the Everpurse because it’s so fashionable (with designs by no other than Kate Spade – if you don’t know her, don’t worry she’s a big deal in fashion world).

Chic Bud’s Power Charging Purses

Chic Buds offers two items that got our attention: the Chic Bud Crossbody Power Charging Purse and the Chic Bud Clutchette Power Charging Purse.

Chic Bud’s Crossbody Power Charging Purse ($69.99) is 8.75″W x 9.75″H and it comes with a built in 3000 mAh battery

These two products allow the women in our lives to charge their mobile devices on-the-go in a safe and fashionable container.  This accessory is not wireless however, so you will need to plug in the mobile device unto the built-in USB cords in the purses.

Clutchette Power Charging Purse ($49.99) is 8″W x 4.75″H and it comes with a 2600 mAh battery

The designs are made out of vegan-leather material that comes in different colors.  It is more budget friendly than the high-end Everpurse, but retains the same fashionable yet functional benefits.

iPhone Charging Bangle

Image courtesy of the QBracelet Look Book | Priced at $149.00 the QBracelet provides you with a fun and fashionable way to boost your iPhone battery life.

The QBracelet is a fashionable way to boost your iPhone’s battery life to up to 50 percent.  It may look like just your regular piece of bling, but this beautiful clasp has a built-in Apple Lighting connector that allows you to charge your iPhone with its 1000 mAh battery.  The QBracelet comes in 4 colors and is priced at $149.00.

It’s the Thought that Counts

At the end of the day, you’re the best person who can determine the best gift for the women in your life.  What’s most important is that you choose something that you is fun, functional and from the heart.

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