What You Need To Know About iPhone X

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Everyone was so hyped when Apple announced a new iPhone X model will soon be launched. The announcement came soon after introducing iPhone 8. As promised, it is now available in the market and is open for sale in 13 countries.

So you may be wondering what’s with all the fuzz with the new iPhone X which is now the flagship of Apple’s iPhone series.


Smaller screen and thinner body are what you will first notice with iPhone X compared to iPhone 8 Plus. Although there is a small difference with iPhone 8’ dimension where it’s a bit thinner of about half a centime in height and even less than the width.

Unique design

Since there is no home button on your iPhone X the question now is how is are you going to reach areas that are difficult to access. All you need to do is go right into Settings > Accessibility option on your iPhone and enable Reachability under Interaction.

The Reachability feature on iPhone X makes a whole lot of difference in terms of display. You can now swipe down the app display on your screen. Swipe and pull down to display the settings’ Notifications and Control center. Swipe up to the right to view the most recently opened app and just about a lot more cool display tricks you can check out.

Exclusive ringtone

The new ringtone just for Apple iPhone is called Reflection. You would instantly recognize your phone because of this great sound.

Face ID

The great thing about iPhone X Face ID is that it automatically to identify you. It can even adapt to physical change in appearances such as shaving, makeup or cosmetic use, wearing of glasses, use of contact lenses and more.

This advanced technology of Apple revolutionizes security in terms of authentication and recognition since much of our digital lives are stored on our phones.