Phone Accessories that are Addictive

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Our smartphones are simply indispensable. Americans spend an average of 4 hours daily on their phones. Checking out social media came at number one in phone usage with people checking out their social media accounts an average of 17 times a day. This is not surprising seeing as it is that our careers, family and social engagements are all connected to our phones. Accessories make the phone experience easier as well as add to its functionality. These accessories make our addiction to our smartphones even deeper.


Ear buds, headphones, Bluetooth sets and lately VR sets make the audio experience vastly better than it would be relying on the phone’s inbuilt speaker. Listening to your favorite music on your ear buds makes you lose yourself and relax completely.  Some even come in HD. For many phone owners, it is unfathomable staying without the headset.

Game controllers

What use is a phone with a HD screen if you can’t play a video game? Many smartphones can currently handle games that were handled on computers of yesteryears. Playing a HD video game on a phone is not nearly as fun as using video controllers like playing on a console.  Get a controller and enjoy hours of gaming.

Power banks

How frustrating is it to see a low battery warning when in the middle of a chat, or an exciting game?  It is a case of a panic attack! Indeed, a dead phone is a nightmare to many phone owners. Luckily, power banks have come to the rescue.  They come in a variety of power capacities, designs, and colors. It is hard to see a phone owner without one these days.  It is funny to see that many people will first head to the wall to look for a power socket to plug in a power bank before finding a seat.

Phone case

Our smartphones have become fashion statements. The smartphone has to match the outfit of the day and other accessories.  The investments that go into making fashion statements with phone cases are simply mindboggling.  A lot of money has gone into acquiring flashy golden cases, diamond-encrusted cases, and other expensive fashion statements.  Smartphone cases are simply addictive.


Though not phone accessories, per se, smartphone apps are what make smartphone interesting.  There are thousands of apps for everything.

Our addiction to smartphones is epic and the hours can only increase. With good accessories, there is no reason not to spend hours on your phone. For exciting accessories check out